A man had a wife and a lover and did not know who to choose. He decided to go to a sage to find an answer to his problem. He asked him if he should be with his wife or with his mistress. The wise man looked at him and took two vases in his hands: one with a rose and the other with a cactus and asked him:
"What do you do if I tell you to choose one of these two vases?". The man looked at him and replied: "Obviously I choose the rose!". The sage smiled: “You have proved to be reckless and hasty. You don't deserve either pot: neither the one containing the rose nor the one with the cactus. Some men, driven by beauty and worldliness, choose the one that seems to sparkle the most. The rose is beautiful but will soon wither. On the other hand, the cactus, even if it is not very beautiful at first sight, remains the same, regardless of the climate: dark green with many thorns but when it blooms it gives you a beautiful flower. Your wife knows all your weaknesses, flaws and mistakes and loves you for who you are. your lover does not want you whole but only the beautiful part: your smiles, the victories, the joy, the caresses. Your wife loves your tears, your defeats: she is close to you for better or for worse. When the hard times come, your lover will go away and look for someone else. Your wife will stay next to you. Don't look now that everything seems to be fine. Things won't go that long. It's too late for you now. You despised the cactus for having the rose and you don't deserve either of them. But know that there will come a time when you understand your mistake but it will be too late.


What is this agony that I carry inside? Because I keep feeling strong sensations in my chest despite being wrong. How do I get rid of the boulder that I carry inside my heart? How do I erase your tracks from there? How can I eliminate something so tied to my being? How can I free myself from a feeling so mature but immature at the same time? How can a soul like his be so closely linked to mine? How come they only now became aware of each other’s presence? Why, among all possible souls, was it his that approached mine? Maybe because we needed each other. Perhaps because in a past life hers was the only one that matched perfectly with mine and vice versa. Perhaps because the two souls were destined to find themselves also in this life. And that is why, once found, they leave an indelible mark on our inner self. A sign that is destined to remain within us for eternity, even beyond the death of the bodies. Here’s how you can understand that you have found your soul mate, or in any case your other half. If you feel it yours from the start. If you feel it has that something different that only you can see and understand. If you find yourself in that harmony and harmony that emanates when you are together. If you feel light and full when you are together. If you feel that only you can have it and enjoy it. In your heart you know that the person in front of you is the right one, when you know that she is what you are meant to live for. Now tell me, who did you think about reading this?

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