- sorry, would you have a cigarette? -
He saw her every morning. He knew she was one of those good girls, who never smoked. He wasn't the type. But he asked him; not so much for the cigarette as for talking to her. Just to see her lips in a dance just for him, to tell him something, anything. For him.
- no sorry. Still better for you, right? Smoking is bad -
- bad? Bad for what? -
- ah I don't know. Brain, lungs ... heart -
- what if one smokes to forget the harm they have done to his heart? -
- then in that case he needs help. He's killing himself. But I'm not a doctor, I can't know -
- Help? Guy? -
- like love. -
- and what is love like? -
- it's like when you smoke a cigarette and take his soul, but then it gets inside and kills you. But sometimes it's not like that -
- and how is it, the other times? -
- it's like when you kiss a strong person so that he can get inside you, and that person could kill you instead he chooses to save you. -
- then? -
- and then he hugs you and puts your heart close to his -
- and you? -
- I what? -
- you don't smoke. Do you have a person who can save you? -
The girl laughed.
- they were just metaphors. I don't believe in love. It was a nice way to tell you that smoking is bad for you, just like love does -
- you must have huge scars in there. -
The girl looked down.
He took her hands, looked up and saw those dead and empty and dark eyes.
- we will have to learn to hurt each other, what do you say? -
- what are you talking about? -
- I save you and you save me. Make love. We hurt each other together. Maybe every day or even every hour. But we keep ourselves alive, because we hold hands. So, are you there? -
- what if we end up killing ourselves? -
- what if we end up loving each other? -


Let’s do something, okay?
Close your eyes now.
Reopen them just to read the next step.
You have done? Well. Imagine.
Imagine the person you care about the most.
You are there?
All right.
You are in your room.
This person enters, without making a sound.
You are lying on your back, you think.
He approaches on tiptoe, trying not to disturb you.
He sits next to you, touches your arm with his hand.
You smile, you know who it is.
Pretend to sleep.
He slowly lies down behind you, resting his head in the hollow of your neck.
He leaves you a short kiss on the cheek, which leads you to smile.
His arms surround your waist, this is a safe place.
You fall asleep, in that position and with a little lighter hearts. You feel better?
Now softly close your eyes and listen to me, it’s just four chords and a handful of words. More than pearls of wisdom, they are mine stones that I have dug deeply, with my bare hands, in a lifetime. Do not look for a meaning to everything because everything makes sense, even in a grain of wheat the universe is hidden. Because nature is a book of mysterious words where nothing is bigger than the little things: the flower among the asphalt is the spectacle of the firmament, is the orchestra of leaves that vibrate in the wind, it is the wood that burns, that warms and returns to ash. Life is the only miracle you can’t help but believe in. Because everything is a miracle, everything you see. And there is no day that is the same as yesterday – you, then, live it now as if it were the last and value every single moment. Can you imagine if we started flying between the mountains and the sea, tell me where you would like to go. Hug me if I’m afraid of falling, let us balance on the word together. Take care of me. Time changes you on the outside, love changes you on the inside: just stand by your side instead of being in the center. Love is the only road, it is the only engine. It is the divine spark that you keep in your heart. Do not seek happiness, if anything protect it – it is only light that shines on the other side of a tear, it is a handful of seeds that you leave behind like chrysalises that will become butterflies.
Everyone fights their own battle, you surrender to everything, do not judge who is wrong. Forgive those who have hurt you, embrace them now because the biggest challenge is to forgive yourself. Go through your pain, get to the bottom even if it will be as heavy as lifting the world, and you will realize that the tunnel is only a bridge and you only need one step to go beyond.
Close your eyes, listen to this noise.
Hear the ticking, constant, incessant,
of the rain coming down. Of the beating rain.
Can you feel it?
Can you hear this silence?
Close your eyes, love, and let yourself be lulled by life.
He does so rarely, the life.
So rarely lulls you, that it is nice to enjoy the few moments in which it cuddles you in its embrace.
Like when you were a little girl:
let yourself be protected, stay safe behind the wall of darkness and silence.
So few times it can happen.
So few times.
It can happen…
Close your eyes my love do not think about anything.
What’s the use of being sad?
The whole sky is already crying; You can stop doing it …
Close your eyes, my great love, and run away.
Fly with the imagination spread out on the wings of the imagination,
take height and rise above the seas,
touch the clouds with your fingers,
quench your thirst for dreams, embraces the universe …
Close your eyes, my immense love, close your eyes!
You chase your happiness with desperation!
Stop only when you have grabbed it,
do not let her escape at any cost.
Take it and make it yours forever.
If you can reach it …
But don’t fool yourself: it’s not easy.
Close your eyes, my love, close your eyes …
And fall in love with love again,

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