In recent days, the Earth has been hit by the disastrous eruption of a volcano, and a lush island has been transformed into a sarcophagus. The planet is not a corpse, but a creature in perpetual boiling, in which an infinity of other creatures, including viruses, try to exist, arriving in the evening. In that same planet, rights, which we tend to consider definitive and extensive, are actually privileges for a few, among which we Europeans are. Outside our home this is not the case, in fact over 150 million children and adolescents cannot afford to play or do ten extra-curricular activities, because they are forced to work to support their families. Often dangerous or very dangerous jobs. We care about vaccinating all the inhabitants of the Earth, because it suits our economic interests, but nobody cares to wonder why our children would be entitled to unlimited happiness while the children of others have to live as slaves or worse. I wonder if any parent or teacher has bothered to read to their children or pupils the news of the killing of Breiner, 14, a Colombian environmental activist. Every year around the world hundreds of environmental activists – people who defend our common home – are silenced forever as we yearn for our kids.

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