From the Sanremo Festival to the Eurovision, from the Rolling Stones' opening act to the triumph at the MTV EMA for the "Best Rock" category: we will remember this 2021 as the year in which the Måneskin bites the world, playing European and American stages , excelling to the bitter end in international rankings for ratings and views, attending top overseas TV programs and, ultimately, winning the approval of a world audience outside Italy.
The happy mystery of Måneskin is that they are the first Italian musicians to be successful in the world with non-Italian music. What is so special about these four very Roman boys? To use a trendy word: they are fluid. All four appear elusive, not fitting into a definition; and theirs does not seem like a pose, but an essence in which their generation is recognized.
Måneskin are a group originally from Rome made up of 4 boys between 16 and 18 years old: Damiano (singer), Vittoria (bassist), Thomas (guitarist) and Ethan (drummer).
The chosen name, Måneskin, comes from Danish, the native language of bassist Victoria and means "moonlight".
Victoria De Angelis and Thomas Raggi, Maneskin's bassist and guitarist respectively, have known each other since they both attended the same middle school. Despite knowing their respective passions for music, they only approached in August 2015 and decided to found the band. The singer Damiano David joins the group at a later time; thanks to an announcement posted on Facebook, the line-up can be considered complete when drummer Ethan Torchio arrives.
After two years of work to find their own style, in 2017 they successfully passed the selections for the eleventh edition of X Factor. They thus take part in the evening episodes of the talent show, coming to rank in second place. By virtue of their excellent positioning, the Maneskin release Chosen, an album that contains the single of the same name. Both are certified double platinum after a very short time.
In January 2019 the third single from the album was released. The title is Fear for nobody. This is followed three months later by the release of The Other Dimension. The appeal of the public is much stronger than that of the studio for the band. This is why they continue to dedicate themselves with passion to the dates of the European tour, which continues until the month of September. In addition, in this period the video for "The distant words" was released, the last song from the album, destined to immediately become a success, also in terms of trends on video content platforms.
The following year, immediately after the publication of the new single, Twenty years, their presence in the list of participants in the Sanremo 2021 Festival was announced. On the Ariston stage the band presents a song with an impactful title: "Zitti e Buoni". Their strongly rock song won the 71st edition of the Festival. The victory in Sanremo sends the band directly to the Eurovision Song Contest: on the night of May 23, 2021, the votes of Europe bring a huge victory to Italy.
In 2022 the Rolling Stones called them to open one of their concerts. And, later, in a fragment of two hours of simply sensational show, Mick Jagger will thank them (directly in Italian) in front of 65 thousand spectators. And backstage there will also be time for a selfie, later posted by the band with a "best memory of all time". While Jagger will return the courtesy the next day by posting on his social pages a shot with the four boys with the words "Great night in Vegas with Maneskin".
From here begins a new path for Maneskin who bring Italian rock to the USA. In the fall of the same year they were guests of one of the leading television programs in the United States of America: the Tonight Show hosted by Jimmy Fallon. Here they announce news of their concerts on American soil, but also of their sensational participation as an opening group at the November 6 concert of the Rolling Stones, at the Allegiant Stadium in Las Vegas.
Two days later they are guests on the very popular TV show hosted by Ellen DeGeneres.


I wasn’t ready to see you, but in saying it, or rather in writing it, I already somehow realize I’m lying to you. Actually I hadn’t wanted anything else for a long time, only that I didn’t dare to confess or rather I didn’t dare hope that life would offer me a new opportunity to see you. I know I have no right to say this because I have behaved terribly to you. If you wiped me from your mind you did very well, if you have a grudge against me, I can not help but understand. I disappeared from your life without a shred of justification. In hindsight, I can tell you that I was living in such a confused state that I was not aware of my actions. When an animal is afraid, what does it do? If it is strong enough it attacks, otherwise it flees. Or pretend to be dead. I couldn’t pretend I was dead because I had been inside for a long time. That’s why I ran away. I felt trapped. You wanted things from me that I was unable to give you. I was afraid of realizing too late that that step you were asking of me was a wrong step. Many ties may be wrecked because of this, because, in the wave of sentiment, one is captured by an enthusiasm that has nothing to do with reality. If we both fell into that trap, what would we do? We would have ended up biting each other like rats locked up in a cage that is too tight. At first they would have been gentle bites, warning bites but then, over time, we would have gotten to eat us and I loved you too much to drag you into a life you didn’t deserve. And then there was another ghost in my life. I felt you were becoming too important to me and important relationships made me – and still do – fear. As long as you are alone, it is enough for yourself, but when another person enters your life and conquers it inch by inch, what can you do? If the person suddenly changes his mind and abandons you or dies, what can you do with the part of you that remains empty? If I wrote this letter it is only to ask your forgiveness. You have no guilt, no responsibility in the end of our story. The weight of the loss will forever weigh on my shoulders. It helped me to understand that it is not possible to create paradises on earth. I don’t know if this letter will reach your hands. If it arrives, if you read it, it will perhaps end up torn or float for a while in the murky waters of the port. Seeing you shocked me, so many things moved inside me and I couldn’t help but write to you. Forgive me for this too.

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