Men should never marry because I hear a lot about husbands and they all complain about wives. Wives talk too much, buy too much, talk and talk, are too lively, or too sulky.
All husbands speak ill of their wives. According to them they don't do enough, they talk too much and they talk too much.
Every husband is in love at the beginning of the relationship and then starts to see flaws and everything that is wrong with his woman. The woman is disappointed by this unexpected attitude but tries to continue the relationship because she loves him. Oh yes, women have a disproportionate love, more towards others than towards themselves and sometimes, indeed often, they cry secretly, they wait, they try to understand, they become hysterical or depressed.
Men should never marry because if they need a maid they can pay for it. So they avoid making their wives feel bad and always complaining about them. They should always give them flowers and chocolates and say nice things. Instead, love becomes a nuisance for them and they prefer to be with colleagues and friends, they prefer to go out for a beer or wine, and they go to play football but they never play with their children. Husbands would like all their wives dead but then if they die they feel lost and yet soon after they take a young girl and the wife is all but forgotten. Then let them get a girlfriend instead of a wife. But then the girlfriend also starts talking too much and making too many demands. The girlfriend spends too much and they start complaining about her too. Men should stay alone and never have children or wives.

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