And then I took my heart in my hand.

Throbbing and bleeding, like all hearts that have lived long enough to feel more than one emotion. Maybe a few too many. If only he had throbbed less.

Now it's here, in my hands. It no longer belongs to my body. It doesn't have to belong to me anymore. I look at it as a foreign object. That blood is not mine.

There is a crystal case. As fragile as it is insurmountable. That's where I put the pulsating organ. His heartbeat is no longer heard inside. Go dumb. And I am deaf.

How sweet this silence is.

I want to be deaf forever.

My heart has stopped belonging to me.

Stay there, you stray! Never again will the poignant litany of your beats be music to me.

Your melodies are omens of death. And I've died too many times.

And now you are dying, by my hand.

My revenge is complete and eternal endures.

Pain is eternal. SILENCE.

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