We are on the verge of madness, but hordes of New Age spiritualists continue to chatter about instant survival techniques through non-attachment. The queen pearl is: move away from negative energies. They turn to people who usually can't even manage themselves, but they go to teach them a false shortcut.

When you walk away without observing your actions, your emotions, all your inner baggage that makes you feel bad about a situation, you are just practicing detachment, which has nothing to do with non-attachment.

So before believing in Buddhahood on You Tube, at least open yourself up to what the words evoke.

- Detachment = I distance myself from things and people who dominate and control me (negative). That is, you distance yourself from them, but you carry all your criticalities with you, therefore you do not distance yourself at all, but you replicate them because on an energetic level you continue to be linked to them.

- Non-attachment = things and people no longer have the power to dominate me, nor to control me (positive). That is, you learn to observe yourself and you do not delegate to others the power to hurt you, you walk away in perfect awareness of what your role and theirs is, you do not remain tied to them.


My Tai Chi master taught me the peace, calm, slowness and beauty of being filled with joy and purity. I was full of energy when I started the course and he told me it was a good thing and that I was channeling it the right way. After 4 months an incredible thing happened to me: while I was making a figure suddenly everything around me disappeared suddenly and I do not know how but I saw within me a sphere of very strong and warm light and I felt a wonderful well-being. It only lasted a few seconds but for me how to discover a hidden universe within me. I believe that each of us can only find that sphere by remaining calm and centered. I am a tiger inside a lotus flower. I fight injustices and help others, especially “difficult children” and I try to spread love and serenity.

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