More and more often I read that we are inside an illusion, created by aliens, created by the system, or created by us.
But if we really were the ones to create it (as some Buddhists also claim who speak of this maya in this way) why do we create such ugly illusions? If we had to be the authors of the Matrix we would have made it so bad for what reason?
Are we all connected to each other to the point where we all have a bad illusion where we get depressed and hate each other?
Why must we always think that human beings only know how to harm themselves? Why go into so much pain?
It is irrational and illogical.
If I investigate what people want I see that they want beautiful things, pleasure, joy, health… So why create such an ugly illusion full of violence and destruction? It seems to me a contradiction.
Going through levels of pain, living lives, reincarnating, spending all this time on what? To get out of an illusion created by us? So where is all our intelligence?
It's like I had to create a maze for my cat to make him suffer and then get him to the exit. But why make him take that awful path and make him feel bad?
I would never do that to others, much less to myself.
I think creating an illusion to destroy and then be reborn is illogical.
So did we really create this Matrix?


After the moment of terror caused by the experience of the clarity with which I see myself, I can then ask for help, to learn to truly love myself completely, to recognize every matrix that still binds me, every wound that still resonates in me and that, even now, it causes me pain. I feel I have transformed my life, and it is, but the path of awareness, and the need for self-awareness, never ends. There are many emotions that lie in a place so far away that it is difficult to reach with the mind. The path is like a spiral, you always seem to go back to the same points, but in reality it is always at a different and higher level. Keeping in mind the change and the path made in the past is the anchor that gives us the confidence and security of being able to continue doing at least the same now and in the future. Some lessons are more challenging than others. There is a process of exponential acceleration in the work on oneself, as we proceed we become more essential, and the remaining disharmonies resonate much more intensely. This does not mean that the work done previously has not been successful, it is just that there are traces left that we can dissolve more and more definitively.

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