The cracked crystal of a smile,

last shield between you and the world

Dull is the sparkle of your eyes,

cold and gray the embers of the past.

You have lost the queen's crown

to which all the people bowed.

In learning you fight against yourself

your brittle bones turn white.

In the silence of the evening and in the shade

you dance madly between pain and hope.

Where are your girl dreams?

What about love, happiness, adventure?

You don't remember the wind in your hair

messenger of light and color?

You no longer feel the red torrent

rush into the flesh?

Your senses do not awaken

with the cool light of dawn?

Do not sleep peacefully and serene

with the sweetness of the sunset?

You're naked in front of the mirror,

alone with yourself, unrecognizable,

you look around, no one is with you.

You've been weaving your own thread for too many years

in a canvas full of tears and errors.

And now you would like to break it. Stop it here.

But you are still alive, indomitable,

you can still look at the horizon.

Without turning to the past and the future,

walk towards the present and be reborn.

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