Luckily I stocked up.
No, not of flour, yeast and toilet paper, but of racing, of the sun, of diving into the sea.
Of life in the woods, of nights in tents, of vigils at the stars, of campfires.
Luckily I cooked on the grill, I hugged millions of times, I drew volleyball courts on asphalt and sand, I played a hundred treasure hunts, I lit bonfires and sang at the top of my lungs to the sound of a guitar.
I have backpacked miles for miles to places I've never been.
I felt the rain on my head, I sang under the trees, I wrote with sticks in the sand.
I swam in the waters of an ocean at midnight when all was silent.
I inhaled the scent of wet ground.
I loved so much, I cried and I smiled.
Fortunately, otherwise what would I think now?


This series based on the popular manga “Shinya Shokudo” was awarded the 55th Shogakukan Manga Award. But I loved it very much because in this series you can see many typical Japanese dishes cooked with passion and simplicity. If you love Japanese food and want to browse the methods for cooking them, I suggest you sit down and watch this series very carefully.

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