do you know why music is so important to some people? Music is not ready to Judge you for come dressed, for come you speak, for come you act, for me you are a hobby. the music is always there, close to you, prompt to cheer you up, prompt to let you vent, to make you cry when you really need it. it is the music that makes a person’s life better, not the singer, I know, that contributes enormously to all of this, but it is the only fact that it is the music that makes the person who listens feel alive.
Concerts have something magical about them. For days this idea has been floating in my mind, and the more time passes, the more it becomes a real conviction: there is really magic in listening to live music, something inevitably imperceptible through filters, barriers to radio, computer, cell phones or mp3s. I was there, with me a friend and thousands of other boys. Back to pieces, aching legs and muscles now destroyed by the interminable and, almost infinite, hours in a row, of spasmodic waiting. Exasperation and a sense of frustration to the stars, boredom, resignation, an imperfect mix of unhappy emotions, hovered in the sultry atmosphere; evening fell, impatience was added to the mismatched mix; then the music, that music, the voice of the long-awaited singer, pronounces the first words of the opening song. It is a moment. Here is the magic. The X ingredient that added to the mix takes it from imperfect to explosive, gasoline thrown on a dying bonfire. A thousand and more voices intone the notes of the song, a thousand and more exhausted boys, terrified by the wait, who jump, rant, reach out to grab as many emotions as possible, to fill the gaps with the memories of what will not be remembered as an evening equal to the others. It goes on for a couple of hours, between screams, tears, jumps. Then even the spell ends, the last note of the last song marks the end of the spell. Magic, like everything, ends, but it doesn’t break. The aching legs, the back to pieces, the stress of waiting are gone, the excitement, the goosebumps, the chills, a moment of happiness as long as the songs played remain
My body and soul are accomplices of music. Always. Thanks to the vinyl collection of my parents, young people who lived and played a leading role in the global revolution of the 70s in Italy, in the years when composer’s music told the story and the feeling of that time. I remember how it was yesterday, when I was a child I put my ear to the big chest of my beloved vintage Marantz while I listened, I laughed with the loud volume while my heart vibrated perceptibly. The sun came in without a filter, in the center of the living room, I closed my eyes and flew Elsewhere. That Elsewhere where I often go back to drawing in my mind what emotions tell me, rediscovering the pleasure of my passion to which I dedicate my happiest and most authentic time in the name of a great chance. Listening to music. In this space I will try to collect mostly Independent Author Music because only as independent do you exist and resist, because it is the urgency to communicate and share elsewhere that reveals the unexpected wonder of a soul that in melancholy returns free and in light. . Writing words and sounds with a gentle and respectful hand is my mission to reveal the added value of an art steeped in authentic life.
It is not easy to be a Musician. It is not easy to invest all your time and resources in something that many – and often those closest to us – consider a pastime. It is not easy to maintain one’s direction towards the dirt road when shortcuts open before us to live a life of stability and a fixed salary. Yes, maybe it’s easier, but it wouldn’t be the life we ​​want to live. It is not easy to give up on outings, birthdays, parties, trips and holidays because we have to study for a concert or an important rehearsal. Precisely for this reason it is not easy to find a partner who can understand all this. The musician is that person who puts a little color on gray days and is the one thanks to whom you shed a tear while watching a moving scene from a movie. Finally … The musician knows that he has to fight daily against a basic ignorance and he knows that he is not as indispensable as a mechanic or an electrician, so he must be doubly good at knowing how to promote and see himself. In short, if you meet a musician, think you have a rare and particular person in front of you. Beethoven said that architects are respected because they are able to design bridges to join opposite banks of a river. The musician, on the other hand, must be respected even more because he is able to unite souls and hearts.


There was a period, I think 4 years ago, when I tried to get a band back together. Because I missed singing a lot and I was frustrated and even though I worked a lot I wanted some breaks where I could relax and let off steam. So I put announcements on the music sites. Do you know what musicians think of a woman who wants to make music? They think he doesn't understand anything and doesn't know music. I was 14 when I bought my first and only very precious sibtetizer thanks to my savings. 
I was only 14. And I listened to Depeche Mode, Sepultura, Jaco Pastorius, Paganini, Prince, The Ramones, the Italian Opera, The Doors. I grew up with Poe and  Lizard King. I grew up with colored hands playing a fucking synthesizer while they, the boys, only knew how to kick a ball and peek at cleavage. And they came to tell me that I didn't know anything about music! 
They were almost all unpleasant with me, some just wanted to go out with ne, others wanted to provoke and humiliate me to make me cry. But they weren't born yet when I was playing with my all girl band. So only one of them listened to me and took me seriously. 
This guy was a drummer and he had his best friend who was a guitarist. I said: perfect! ok, let's dive into this musical adventure. We experience everything. We started at the drummer's house, we started with covers of Nirvana, Korn, Marilyn Manson, Metallica, Inflames, ... 
It was very nice to be all together, playing, drinking tea, discussing music, art and more. But then the guitarist had existential crises. He ended up in the hospital and everything was pending. Then he didn't want to hear any more. And we lost the initial sprint. But I didn't give up, I still looked for musicians but everyone invited me only to go out with them and not to play.
 It was a disappointment. If you don't sing pop songs they don't take you seriously. If you don't act like Katy Perry or Lady Gaga then they don't understand you.
If a female musician doesn’t show her boobs, if she doesn’t dress sexy, then no one takes her seriously. Men believe that you have to be naked on stage to be able to make music. The boys also think so. Maybe many of the lotus were gay and can’t stand women, so they didn’t want me. In fact, from their clothes they didn’t look like rockers or even metalheads but cool guys.
True, Jim was also getting quite agitated on stage, moving and offering his dick to his fans. But he could do anything because he was a man. I, on the other hand, have been chained by the weight of being a woman. Do you know these women who do rock or metal? There are a lot of singers but they all play pop music. So I have to sing pop too? Do I have to resign myself?

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