I know that I often play the “know-it-all of music”, I regret it a little. I grew up in a family where music is worth a lot: pop, rock, rap, instrumental, house, alternative, blues and so on. In my house there has always been a sweet background music of some artist, who craved art, and we have always appreciated it. I had (like everyone) my preferences. The object in the photo is mine. An old cassette tape. My father spent hours recording various kinds of songs, mixtapes for my mother. Perfection I believe. So I know that I often do the “know-it-all of music”, I regret it a little, but when I do some mixtapes for someone too, I will do it with artists who crave art.
The importance you give to a song is solely derived from the person who makes you think of it while you listen to it. I’ve heard so many songs, it’s a life that I listen to songs, every day, every hour. I love that it always remains my favorite song. Among the millions of songs I have listened to, it is always her, she who is capable of making you take a sigh and say goodbye to what you were, what you are and what you will be, remaining unique, for those three minutes. Thank you so much for letting me have a favorite song!
Do you say we would be happy? Together I mean … I have my music, you have your passions. I’m not ready to risk everything, anything that makes me say “this is what I am” to another person. So I understood, the perfect fusion between the happiness I feel with you and why I am in the world became my creed, my mission for years! All this to say that “this is what I am: happy” puzzles don’t stick to one piece. The beauty of the game is to complete the work!
What sound do you prefer songs from the past that you would like to listen to again?

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