I don’t say.
Sometimes I breathe hard and I wait for everything to pass.
I don’t ask,
I wait for everything to stop,
for the wind and the storm to arrive.
I don’t say.
I do not tell of how many hells I have had and how many times I have drowned.
And they weren’t bathtubs.
And they weren’t toilets.
They were tomatoes from kitchen dinners with screams and destruction.
They were emotions that I was trying to restrain.
He was a monster that I was trying not to let out.
Words to forget everything that has happened,
at the entrance,
or in the bedroom, dawns, tears,
screams and more screams.
I have no respect for human beings.
I love monsters because I know they are monsters.
The human being, on the other hand,
always has too many nasty surprises.


I would like to thank all those who are near and far and who read me. Sometimes I start the day thinking that there is someone who wants to know what I have in mind, how life is going, or if I am still alive and this very thought keeps me alive. So I thank you that you are still there because I really sometimes think I am so alone that I would disappear without you. Thank you very much and Happy Weekend everyone 😉

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