A message has arrived from Mars and now we have to decipher it
Mars calling to Earth, an “alien message” has been sent from the Red Planet and has reached humans on our planet. What is it telling us? Cosmos and UFO enthusiasts or even just the most curious can challenge themselves to decipher it. The signal was shared online and on social media by Seti (Search for Extra-Terrestrial Intelligence). How would we react if we were to receive a message that came to us from other parts of the Cosmos? How many times has it happened to think of a question of this type, now the event has somehow occurred and we can try to give an answer to the question. But what is hidden behind this message is already very interesting in itself.
The race to decode the message from Mars that arrived on Earth has started: the data, collected by the three radio telescopes, has already been processed and made available online on the "A Sign in Space" project website. More than 1,300 people from all over the world (including Italy) are trying their hand at this experiment on the border between science, art and science fiction. This was announced by the National Institute for Astrophysics, which created it from an idea by the artist Daniela de Paulis in collaboration with the European Space Agency, the Seti Institute and the Green Bank Observatory. The signal, which simulates a message sent by an extraterrestrial civilization, was transmitted via radio waves by the Trace Gas Orbiter probe of the ExoMars mission, in orbit around Mars.
The systematic search for extra-terrestrial signals in the cosmos was born between the 60s and 70s thanks to the SETI program, acronym of Search for Extra-Terrestrial Intelligence. Despite continuous years of research, unfortunately we have not yet been able to pick up signals from non-natural extra-terrestrial sources. The question therefore arises whether there is no one out there or if we simply are not able to recognize and decode a message sent by another civilization in the cosmos.
Mars is located about 290 million kilometers from Earth, so the signal, which travels at the speed of light, took about 16 minutes to cover that distance. In Italy, the signal was received by the INAF radio telescope of Medicina, in the province of Bologna, while the other two radio telescopes used are located in the United States and are the Allen Telescope Array of the SETI Institute, in California, and the Green Bank Observatory, in West Virginia.
On the project website, it is possible both to watch the live streaming of the reception and to access all the tools that allow the public, as well as specialists and experts from all fields, to decode and interpret the message. As the project leaders explain, this initiative represents a unique opportunity to concretely prepare ourselves for how to decipher and interpret an extra-terrestrial signal, an event that would profoundly upset and transform humanity. Only through the interdisciplinary collaboration between many individuals, will it be possible to complete the mission, for this reason the project invites everyone to send scientific data, thoughts, drafts, drawings and ideas to decode the signal and culturally interpret the message. We can't wait to find out its contents, and you?


According to the ancient legend, a young man named Cisso, who performed in the festivals in honor of Bacchus with reckless jumps and acrobatics, had a serious accident one day. 
The divine Bacchus, who had become attached to the young man, to prevent me from dying, was then transformed into a plant, ivy, capable of tearing apart any surface. 
From the ancient legend was born the artistic habit of portraying Bacchus with an ivy crown on his head and with the chalice wrapped in ivy branches.
Since, therefore, the planta is sacred to Bacchus, among the Greeks and then among the Latins, the convention spread that surrounding the forehead with a crown of ivy prevented the effects due to intoxication from excess wine. The belief was so rooted that even the ancient writers documented that, to appease a hangover, it was enough to boil some ivy leaves in wine and drink it all. 
The ancients also believed that the plant could separate the water from the wine with its leaves, in reality nowadays it is known that the fibers of the ivy leaves do not separate the water from the wine but absorb the molecules pigmented by wine and other liquids. 
Even today, in the taverns of small urban centres, it is a village tradition to hang a sprig of ivy outside the door to signal the production of wine.
In Celtic mythology, ivy was once connected to the cult of the snake and dragon, which represent the symbols of the afterlife.
Finally, in recent decades it has been discovered that helix ivy has the ability to remove harmful substances from the air, especially in closed environments, in particular formaldehyde which is automatically produced by electrical objects commonly used in homes. Recent studies carried out by NASA, the American aerospace agency, have scientifically demonstrated that ivy has proved to be a very efficient plant for purifying the air, therefore, in summary, it can be said that it is the best houseplant one can have.
In the language of flowers and plants, ivy symbolizes continuity and fidelity. It is the most suitable plant to be given on Valentine's Day because of its heart-shaped leaves that cling inextricably to everything around them. Even in ancient Greece it symbolized union and fidelity, crowns of ivy leaves were, in fact, used to crown the heads of the spouses on their wedding day. When you give a seedling as a gift, it means being attached to the person to whom you give it.


Margaret Hamilton, who we see in this rare historical photo from 1969, is the software engineer that history forgot to mention, unlike Neil Armstrong or Buzz Aldrin. Hamilton led the NASA software team that landed the Apollo astronauts on the moon. She was a software engineer before anyone knew this term, and in this photo she is standing next to what is believed to be the code or program list that led to the success of the Apollo mission.

"She was a pioneer in software engineering development, and… a pioneer as a woman to do that job, with that role." - said Dr. Teasel Muir-Harmony, curator of the Apollo Project collection at the Smithsonian National Air and Space Museum. 

A few minutes before the moon landing, the alarms went off. The radar that would have been used for reentry on the command module (and which at that time had no role) was activated by mistake. The radar began to send a huge amount of data to the computer, also the result of the random electrical noise caused by the incompatible power supplies of the two devices. Overloading the computer entailed an enormous risk: it left no more room for the calculations necessary to guarantee the moon landing.

Margaret Hamilton anticipated this eventuality while writing the software. The program, in fact, was developed not only to detect and report an overload problem. He was able to "sort" and organize the tasks that were assigned: the most important processes, fundamental for the landing on the Moon, could interrupt the unnecessary ones. In those excited moments the software acted as expected.

"If the computer hadn't identified the problem and solved it, I doubt the Apollo 11 mission would have been successful," Hamilton wrote in a March 1971 letter.

Margaret Hamilton is 78 today and heads Hamilton Technologies, the software development company she founded in 1986. It was she who coined the term "Software Engineering".


Omega Click is a masked, hooded and altered voice man who became famous after opening a YouTube channel that talks about aliens in a serious and in-depth way.

Omega Click is a youtuber who aims to bring to light the concrete truth regarding alien UFOs and the mysteries connected to them. He always shows himself wearing a mask.

He is known for sharing an FBI declassified document about aliens who have the ability to materialize and dematerialize.
According to the document declassified by the FBI and shared by Omega Click, the alien beings would not be embodied in human people but would come from their own world, which in reality would not correspond to a planet as we understand it but to an etheric plane that interpenetrates with ours and which is imperceptible.

The body of the visitors and their boats would materialize in contact with the sequence of our vibrations. Furthermore, the disks would have their own radiant energy capable of disintegrating any ship intending to attack.
This channel, as Omega states, aims at transparency, freedom and cooperation with subscribers, also making them participate in its videos, giving them the opportunity to tell their own stories or experiences. In fact, in the “Contact happened” playlist, subscribers can be participants and protagonists of his videos by telling their stories, testimonies, experiences or simple thoughts.



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