Intimacy is a secret place of the soul with a small door, which we hardly ever open to anyone.
There we hide the most intense needs,
the responsibility of our choices stained by true pain
and everything that really made us that way.
If you haven't been allowed to open that door, never take rights you don't have over people, because you know a lot less about people than you think.
Only by walking through that door will you really get to know them.
And you can't force it, it opens by itself
and it is very slow to open up, you can get impatient and decide to go.
But it will be the greatest gift you can receive,
because within it there is the deepest and clearest revelation of what love is.


You humans struggle to chase after idols and desires that do not satisfy you and do not sedate your true needs. Because your essence is of different substance and your heart is different element. In vain you rage around goods and food for your matter forgetting that you are not here to live forever on this planet but you are only passing through and you will only stay here for a fraction of time that you cannot decide. Your flesh is troubled and your heart is tormented by things that do not belong to your spirit. You are part of that light which does not divide worlds but unites them. Unfortunately, you have forgotten the wonder of your light and mistake day for night. Ù Your feet get tired in exhausting paths to follow ideologies and religions that do not give you any benefit and joy. Your eyes get tired of reading sacred works that do not make you better. What miracle are you still waiting for that hasn’t already happened? Your waiting is full of useless expectations as you are ready to go but you remain still and cannot think that you can be other than yourself and what others see of you. Open your hearts and realize that you are not alone and that the light is already with you, you only have to accept it in the love that the Father has given you as the only and supreme strength to reach his Kingdom. You are strong, you can expand your essence and join the infinite energy of which all of you are made. Forget the matter that limits you and become aware of yourself and your divine love.

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