The problem of plastic is bigger and more important than we think and reducing plastic waste is essential. Plastic is not easy to recycle (it can only turn into a quality of plastic more ways than it once cannot be). Just think that only 6.6% of the plastic bottles now circulating on the world market are made from recycled plastic (Greenpeace data).
Giving up chewing gum is really a small thing that will work wonders! Although it is a habit brought by the Americans after the Second World War also in Europe, and now spread all over the world, the ‘butt’ is not good for you and contains plastic both inside and in the packaging.
Do we eat out for lunch? We get into the habit of carrying our container and asking the fast food restaurant or restaurant where we go to put the food there. Maybe even what is left over we can take home in the same container!
It’s true, they are comfortable: you go home in the evening and dinner is ready in 5 minutes. But beware: frozen foods are the ‘kings’ of plastic. By buying them, you actively contribute to polluting. By trying to remove frozen foods from your diet, you will return to a healthier cuisine with natural and seasonal ingredients, of which you know the origin, and you prefer organic food. Even if you take a quarter of an hour longer, you and the Earth will gain from this choice!
To produce the disposable diapers consumed every year by American children, it takes 80,000 kg of plastic and the cutting down of more than 200,000 trees. This means that by simply switching to cloth diapers, you can not only educate your child to respect the environment from an early age but you can also save money and contribute to the health of the world.


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