In 2008 he was awarded the Nobel Prize in Medicine for the discovery of HIV.Luc Montagnier attended the demonstration in Milan 2 days ago to say enough to this vaccine trial that does not have the effect that governments have said it has. These are his words:

"It's not just the vaccine that cures - it's a combination of cures that will cure this disease. This vaccine does not walk alone. There was a huge strategic error. Contrary to what has been said, these vaccines do not protect at all. That's what's coming out slowly. This is scientifically recognized today. It is not only the scientific experiments that say this but also the tests on the sick. Instead of protecting, it can happen that it favors other infections. The protein that was used in vaccines is actually toxic."


The world dictatorship is trying to destroy human society. Many families have become poor, many people have lost their jobs, here in Italy we have this crazy Draghi who is marginalizing unvaccinated people. This dictatorship wants to cancel Christmas and cancel family and love. Young people have become passive internet slaves and do not react. Adults do not realize what the government is doing and remain impassive and do not react. Only a few groups have understood the gravity of the situation and try to fight but it is hard because everyone seems to have become numb and manipulated and do not realize how terrible it is to divide the population and treat defenseless people as criminals.
The discovery of the World Control Plan, in the top drawer of the desk of the American virologist Levi-Pumpkin, is the definitive proof. The beginning was chilling: "The world must fall under the dominion of Big Pharma, the banks and Satan". What were once dismissed as "conspiracy theories" have come true. The possibility of any mass arrests by self-styled democratic governments is a horrendous dystopia not far from reality ... and no one moves a finger to prevent it.
The Nobel Prize winner of the AIDS virus arrives in Italy: "We are in a health dictatorship, no longer in a democracy. These vaccines are not real vaccines, but a complicated montage of molecular biology that is capable of being a poison.
It is a horror to force people, now children, to have this molecular preparation inoculated. I renew my appeal to doctors because they prescribe treatments that work. The Green Pass? It's a marketing affair. We conspiracy theorists? No: they are the ones plotting! ”.
Luc Montagnier, Nobel Prize for Medicine 1983, has the air between the amused and the kind, of someone who is used to fighting in principle without getting lost. The best known of the thousands of doctors and scientists from all over the world gathered in associations to counter the one-way vulgate broadcast by the main media regarding vaccinations.
We are in a health dictatorship, no longer in a democracy "Montagnier begins, translated into French by the interpreter. “We see a horrible program unfolding, prepared for a long time, exploded at the desired moment, and destined above all to the rich countries. This is the main reason why they promote only one solution, that of vaccines ”.
“These vaccines are not real vaccines, but a complicated montage of molecular biology that is capable of being a poison. So it is a horror to force people, now children, to have this molecular preparation inoculated. I renew the appeal to doctors because they prescribe the treatments that exist, and they work ".
The "green pass"? It is not useful for public health. The green pass is a marketing affair. “I want to repeat clearly: these vaccines are useless, dangerous and ineffective. Unlike what we were told, these vaccines do not prevent the spread of the virus at all “. “It is a crime to vaccinate children, because even if they are not negatively affected now, there may be long-term effects beyond what we see now. Long-term effects that we are not aware of now ”.
“And it is a crime mainly because there are alternative methods to treat this infection, which are even less expensive than vaccines and would allow us to get rid of this disease. But the media does not talk about alternatives, other types of vaccines or remedies. And if someone points out the adverse effects this person is eliminated, then we live in a real reality of lies “.


In the sixties and seventies of the twentieth century, Afghanistan was very different from what it is known today.
It was one of the most modern and modernized countries, as well as one of the most advanced in terms of women's rights, in the South Asian area.
At the time it was ruled by the monarch Zahir Shah, who was the last monarch in the country and promoted a liberal constitution and was opened and influenced by the West.

Following the 1979-1989 war and the struggle between the various warlords as well as the subsequent takeover of the Taliban and the 2001 war, Afghanistan changed completely and became what it is known today.

In this video, originally published by the user 'Farshid Noori' and taken up on the Youtube channel of 'Informazione Consapevole', you can see unpublished images of the Afghanistan of the 60-70s.
Afghanistan no longer exists. Or at least, this name no longer exists. Nobody expected such a quick surrender. The capital Kabul - about 4.5 million inhabitants - fell in a few hours, President Ghani fled abroad, first to Tajikistan and then to Uzbekistan, "to avoid a bloodbath for the citizens," he said; diplomats had already begun to leave the offices in recent days. After 20 years of war, the country returns to the hands of the Taliban.

The new Taliban offensive started in May 2021: in a few weeks the Islamic militias have mowed down everything. NATO forces withdrew, the regular army broke up, no foreign alliance intervened with new peacekeeping missions, or at least a ceasefire. With little fighting, the Taliban regained power with both hands.
These Americans are making a huge mess and have made a huge mistake, making the figure of the weak ones, since in 20 years I have not been able to defeat the Taliban and now they give a lot of giving a damn if women will end badly, after having had 20 years of freedom. No one cares about this, no humanitarian organization, no feminist association, no international foundation? Is it possible that no one cares if so many people are tortured and killed? So what were the Americans doing there if in just one month everything is back to normal and human rights are again outraged?
Nobel Peace Prize winner Malala Yousafzai expressed her enormous concern over the return of the Taliban to Kabul, asking every country in the world to allow refugees fleeing Afghanistan to enter. The 24-year-old activist knows what it means to grow up under the threat of the Taliban: when she was just a teenager, in 2012, she was wounded in the head by a gunshot fired by a militant. His fault? Commitment to the right to education for women. "We are talking about progress, equal rights and gender equality - he said in an interview with the BBC - we cannot stand by and watch a country that goes back decades, centuries".

Malala Yousafzai reiterated that every country has a responsibility at this time and asked to open the borders for those who flee, trying to save their lives: some countries, including Austria, have already said they are against welcoming the displaced. In particular, she turned to her country, Pakistan: "I wrote a letter to Prime Minister Imran Khan, asking him to allow refugees to enter but above all to ensure that refugees, especially girls, have the right to safety and security. 'access to education'. Already on August 15, the day of the fall of Kabul, the activist had expressed his concern for the Afghan situation. In a tweet she wrote that she was witnessing a complete "state of shock" at the advance of the Taliban and that she was "deeply concerned" about the consequences on human rights, particularly those of women and minorities. In an interview with the BBC, Malala Yousafzai once again underlines the importance of education, a powerful tool for women's emancipation. In fact, she asks that girls who are fleeing Afghanistan today can continue to study, perhaps in local schools or camps. "Their future is not lost," he concludes.

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