The problem between two individuals or a group of individuals, in general, is that there is a misunderstanding. If the intentions were black and white from the beginning, there would be no need to argue, to feel sorry, to put the word END to any type of relationship.
Misunderstandings lead to not understanding each other, lead to countless expectations (almost always wrong), lead to suffering.
Why can't we be clear from the first moment?
Why do we all have to pretend to be respectable with good intentions, but then act like people without a shred of goodness?
We deceive, we deceive ourselves and others for fear of accepting the fact that, almost always, we use others to achieve a purpose, we use others because we are used to doing so.
Then who thinks of the others?
First we hurt each other and then we throw each other away, as if we didn't want anything, as if it were a competition to see who is more of a SHIT. Well done!
Who won now? NOBODY. Because in being alone we only have to lose and because, as much as we can convince ourselves that we are well, a part of us will always be sick.
With time then the MEMORIES remain and with those we realize that we have FEELINGS, we realize that we are human. But the saddest thing do you know what it is? We would not like to have any feelings, to be able to simply "cut the rope" when it suits you, not to "stay dry" when others throw us away.
Oh yes, we are so WEAK actually!

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