My soul has no peace. In the anguish of a depressing afternoon
I see the corpses of this war all coming forward,
helpless, and calling me,
as if they wanted to take me with them.
My soul cries because the wars are here too,
the deadly stabs,
the absolute pain, the defeat.
My heart cries.
There is too much pain and one day my heart will quench its beats.
The human being strikes again and again and again.
It affects itself.
Devour life.
Eat the heart.
It kills everything.


These days I have realized that I am tired. Not just physically, I mean. I am tired of seeing people reaping fruits that they do not deserve, tired of seeing those who make others despair rejoice, tired of having to see how no one with the qualifications to do so ever wants to intervene. I am sick and tired of watching while mediocrity is rewarded, I am now disgusted by having to witness the painful spectacle of “you will see that things will work out”, I vomit when I hear that somewhere there is justice. The truth is that I have the balls full of how things are going and the absolute impossibility of changing them. I’m tired of deluding myself that something can improve when reality suggests the exact opposite. Who knows how to fool others, who knows how to take advantage of opportunities without merit, who knows how to smile at the right people and in the right moments in this world is fine. To the others, a pat on the back and the same old and sadly worn promise of a “sooner or later” that never comes.

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