I hope human beings realize that they are leaving a broken world to their children.

I hope that they at least think of their children, of their grandchildren,

of who will have to live in this devastated world.

I believe we should all work harder to try to do good things every day,

plant trees, recycle, stop buying, reuse many things we already have.

They are small gestures that can make a difference.

But we must all be convinced and commit ourselves to doing this

otherwise the planet will be destroyed.


Sam Bell works on the Moon, assisted by a kind of robot named Gerty.
Its employer is Lunar, a company that produces a form of clean energy destined for the Earth.
He finds himself isolated because communications are interrupted.
But his contract is about to end soon.
Except that he has an accident.
When he awakens, he discovers two things.
The first is that they have been counting a lot of bullshit.
The second is that the situation is slightly different from what he thought it was.
I won't tell you more about the 2009 sci-fi movie Moon.
So as not to spoil the surprise, although the Revelation is not very original.
Something like this can be found in the robotic anime Daltanious and in Michael Bay's film The Island.
Just know that technically very well done.
Although there is no action, it is captivating and not boring at all.
The interpreters are not very many, eh.
I would mention the two protagonists, namely Sam Rockwell as Sam Bell, and Kevin Spacey lending his voice to Gerty.
It always makes a difference.




“What are visions of the future? Who are the aliens and why do they sometimes contact us? Human beings have become numb and can no longer understand the messages that the protagonist of this story brings to them through visions of the future. Could the Earth be saved?”


I translated this science fiction novel into English just to make you read something important. I had started writing it three years ago, after some strange things had happened, but I had left it incomplete for all these years. But now I have finished it by putting in it the visions concerning the future of this planet and which I believe are very important to know.

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