I hope human beings realize that they are leaving a broken world to their children.

I hope that they at least think of their children, of their grandchildren,

of who will have to live in this devastated world.

I believe we should all work harder to try to do good things every day,

plant trees, recycle, stop buying, reuse many things we already have.

They are small gestures that can make a difference.

But we must all be convinced and commit ourselves to doing this

otherwise the planet will be destroyed.


We have taken their space!
We have limited their area!
We humans usurp the animal world every day!
We are the cruel predators who eliminate defenseless animal species!
We are the real monsters and we destroy everything that is beautiful!
Until when will we have the power to do this?
How long will this planet not decide to shake up and send us all upside down?




We all have the opportunity to remember and rediscover who and what we are, through the (serious and often tiring) study of the occult sciences, of the esoteric, of what is hidden from view. But it is hidden by its nature, not because someone keeps it hidden from us. Having a vision of reality, of our other bodies, of the soul part, of the higher dimensions, is of enormous help and we need to not lose our way and remind us where we come from and what our goals are. But our experience on this third dimensional Earth is fundamental and strongly desired by ourselves. The planet, like us, has gone through multiple incarnations of itself, and during each of them we have been able to develop a body at ever higher frequencies. Without earthly experience, other bodies in this evolutionary stage would not have the necessary knowledge to advance. Our I wanted our lives in the third dimension, and our task is not to escape from it, but to rediscover our "hidden" state, hidden from the eyes, and to carry out what we have set ourselves in these lives.
We do not use hidden knowledge to find an escape from this life, but to complete our mission in the entirety of all our bodies.


You know the bad and ruthless multinationals that destroy the planet? Here, those companies are you. It is you who commission activities that are taken over by companies, which exist in the first place for this very reason. It is to sell the products that you ask for with your support (moral, economic) that harmful emissions, deforestation, colonization, murder, extinction of habitats and species take place. It is necessary to realize that the functioning of the techno-industrial apparatuses is based precisely on this. The ruthless behavior with which companies are carried out derives from the intrinsic characteristics that distinguish all the economic dynamics that we accept and nurture. Putting the blame solely on large multinationals is disempowering and misleading. The sum of individual actions is what triggers in the first place the mechanism of which companies are the material executors. To eliminate a problem it is essential to understand which concepts and attitudes lead us to be complicit in it, so that we can work on it and eliminate it.


In recent days, the Earth has been hit by the disastrous eruption of a volcano, and a lush island has been transformed into a sarcophagus. The planet is not a corpse, but a creature in perpetual boiling, in which an infinity of other creatures, including viruses, try to exist, arriving in the evening. In that same planet, rights, which we tend to consider definitive and extensive, are actually privileges for a few, among which we Europeans are. Outside our home this is not the case, in fact over 150 million children and adolescents cannot afford to play or do ten extra-curricular activities, because they are forced to work to support their families. Often dangerous or very dangerous jobs. We care about vaccinating all the inhabitants of the Earth, because it suits our economic interests, but nobody cares to wonder why our children would be entitled to unlimited happiness while the children of others have to live as slaves or worse. I wonder if any parent or teacher has bothered to read to their children or pupils the news of the killing of Breiner, 14, a Colombian environmental activist. Every year around the world hundreds of environmental activists – people who defend our common home – are silenced forever as we yearn for our kids.


If one day, watching TV, they interrupt the programs to inform you that a comet is coming on earth what would you do? Would you believe who discovered this comet? Would you doubt? Would you go to the one you love to save them? By now it happens more and more often to read news about dangerous comets or meteorites. What attention do you give to such news? Do they shake you or do you remain impassive?
Have you ever known something important and tried to tell someone and not be believed? Sometimes certain things seem so strange and impossible to be true yet by the time you realize they are true it will be too late.


Honestly when I first saw African tribes wearing Nike shirts and Japanese with punk crests I was very disappointed. Each people has very specific characteristics made up of different traditions and lifestyles. And this because of globalization no longer exists. If I go to different countries I find the same things, the same way of dressing, the same food and few things are different now. I don’t like this at all. I believe that peoples have been manipulated to be all transformed into consumers, destroyers and narcissists. This manipulation has made everyone so alike that they are all slaves to a global system that is destroying the planet and humans themselves. It is not nice to see entire historic neighborhoods destroyed in many states and to see that people all dress the same, no longer having their own tradition and culture. Wherever I go I find the same clothes, the same habits, and they are conforming us according to a global system of rules that reduce life only to a continuous purchase. But few people realize this. Few people are aware of this destruction of cultural traditions. The world now seems made up only of Nike, Mac Donalds, Coca Cola, and everyone accepts this without any protest. Everyone wants the same things and nobody wants to go back. Young people have gotten lost following the brands that manipulate them through influencers for a life that seems satisfying but then becomes depressed and destructive. Look how many young people no longer have a purpose in life, they don’t want money and success. They are not even looking for love anymore but only for money. And they fight each other, they are all rivals, on youtube and on Twitch, they fight as if they were in a ring. They don’t want the fam and that’s it.


Climategate (CG), the scandal that, thanks to an anonymous web hacker, revealed the exchange of e-mails, which occurred in the period 1996-2009, between a small team of climate "scientists", very cheaters, from which it was deduced how they had completely falsified the data to make it appear on purpose that that of the last half of the last century was an unprecedented warming. They are not ordinary people: it is precisely those who had the responsibility to compile that part of the IPCC report (the UN Committee proposed to study the anthropic contribution to the planet's climate) which states that the current global warming (GR) is "without previous "and is" of anthropogenic origin ".
The main actors of the CG are two: Phil Jones (PJ), hydraulic engineer and Director of the Climate Research Unit of East Anglia University in England and Mike Mann (MM) of the American University of Pennsylvania, a failed physicist in his field. and who, devoting himself to the climate, became famous for the “golf club” graph that shows how the current RG would be “unprecedented”. As we will see, the graph turned out to be an artfully constructed scientific fake. The list of senders and / or recipients of e-mails includes other minor elements of the band and some external ones. That the current GR should be "unprecedented" was already decided by the World Meteorological Organization (Omm), which declared in the 1985 congress: "we believe that due to anthropogenic emissions we could witness an unprecedented increase in the global average temperature" . PJ and MM set out to become famous by giving substance to the prediction of the Omm, and they did so by conspiring the biggest scientific scandal of the century, as emerges from the exchange of their e-mails: just read them. It is they themselves who in e-mails refer to themselves as "conspirators".
For example, to determine past temperatures when thermometric data did not exist, these grabbers had decided that measuring the thickness of tree rings was a good "gauge" of a thermometer. It is not, and other independent "indicators" were needed for this. The person studying the problem was a certain K. Briffa, a collaborator of PJ. To PJ, MM and others of the Briffa team he sent the following e-mail: "I know they put a lot of pressure on us to present a decent story that justifies an" evident warming unprecedented in the last 1000 years or more ", but the reality is that the situation is not that simple. We don't have a lot of data from independent "indicators", and what we have does not coincide with the recent warming ».
This means that the indicators, wrong on the current temperatures, were therefore not reliable on the temperatures of the past, when there were no thermometric data and, consequently, it was not legitimate to argue that today's high temperatures were "unprecedented". But here's how the two main conspirators responded. MM: "Everyone here at the IPCC agrees that Briffa's is a problem and a potential distraction / detractor from the consensus we would like to convey. It would then be appropriate for us to invent "something else" as responsible for the discrepancy. Maybe Briffa has some ideas about it? We absolutely have to write a few lines otherwise skeptics will tell us we don't understand our own results. "
Another recurring theme that emerges from the e-mails is the determination with which the team influenced which articles should be published and which rejected. The field in question is very small and, almost inevitably, the articles in the sector ended up on the desk of at least one of the critical review team: they purposely rejected all articles that questioned the so-called consensus and accepted those that supported that consensus. I don't quote examples for the sake of brevity, but it is fun to exchange emails between PJ and MM to understand how PJ, a hydraulic engineer, was awarded a Fellow of the American Geophysical Union (AGU). Pay attention to the dates. MM wrote to PJ (December 2007): «I'm trying to get you an award from AGU. They told me that the Ewing medal would not be appropriate. Let me know what you prefer and let me know ". PJ chooses his award: «Becoming a Fellow of the AGU would be fine». MM to PJ (June 2008): “I'm putting together 5 letters of recommendation for that AGU award. Together with mine as proponent - even if I am not yet a Fellow - they make 6 letters ».
In one of the final e-mails of this deplorable saga, when the scandal was already coming to light with the first e-mails revealed, Kevin Trenberth, one of the conspiratorial team, wrote disconsolately to the others (we are in October 2009): "The the fact is that we are unable to justify the lack of heating in the last 10 years ”. But, in a last desperate attempt, he wondered: “Maybe the measurements are wrong. Our observation system is inadequate ". Obviously without realizing that, if that were the case, the entire climatology, as told by 97% of self-styled climatologists, is a bluff. Maybe he was right.


The world was so beautiful, full of animals, plants, clear waters, birds and everything was clean, clear, wonderful. Then man came and started hunting, logging, fishing, building factories, polluting, destroying. Man has a large, efficient brain but in his existence he has proved to be very stupid because in a few centuries he has made many animals extinct and has destroyed the environment not only his but of many species that are now also in danger of extinction.
Can we still say that man is intelligent? The only race capable of self-destruction. This is indeed what is happening. Not an implacable God, not an insane nature, not a set of ineluctable and unpredictable circumstances. No, simply a continuous series of actions and dull choices dictated by the anxiety of power and greed. This is what is changing the planet we live on and which, sooner or later, will no longer bear the weight of so much madness.

More than 1.5 billion disposable masks ended up in the oceans and seas of the world in 2020. A figure that should alarm everyone, showing when our new habits have a highly negative impact on the environment. Moreover, a problem that will not be solved in the short time, since a mask takes around 450 years to decompose.

Plastic was perhaps the most relevant technological discovery since the age of metals. Even the most polluting. But the fault lies not with plastic, argue the large multinationals that produce it and use it instead of pure possible alternatives. The fault lies with the end users (i.e. consumers) who do not recycle completely and correctly. And we could almost almost agree with them if there were no doubts: but how did we manage to survive before? Yet we were reasonably happy and we were certainly not in the Middle Ages, given that modern plastics have been synthesized for just over half a century.
The problem is that plastics would be made to last forever, but they are used to make objects that, on the other hand, are only used once.

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