Well ... last week I launched the survey on water consumption in our homes.
Here are the results:
35.29% drink plain water from the tap
29.41% drink homemade sparkling water with the carbonator
23.53% drink plain water in plastic bottles
5.88% drink carbonated water from a plastic bottle
5.88% drink sparkling water in a glass bottle

Apart from those who drink tap water, those who make sparkling water at home and those who buy glass bottles, I would say that we should discourage the use of plastic bottles.

Here becauseā€¦

Two thirds of the plastic bottles used for mineral water are not collected separately and end up in landfills or in an incinerator.
Furthermore, the annual consumption of 12 billion liters of bottled water involves, for the production of bottles alone, the use of 350 thousand tons of polyethylene terephthalate (PET), with a consumption of 665 thousand tons of oil and the emission of greenhouse gases. of approximately 910 thousand tons of CO2 equivalent. Finally, the phase of transporting mineral water has a significant effect on the quality of the air: only 18% of the total bottles on the market travel on trains, all the rest is handled on the road.

Next time we go shopping, let's think for a momentā€¦. we think about the environment and leaving our children a cleaner environment.

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