Dreams are not like blue eyes, but with those you are either born with them or you have brown eyes like me. Some dreams, I say, come later. I don’t like everything I do, but there are many things I didn’t like to do and now I do. There are things I thought they would never do for me and now I would give everything I have to keep living them. Sometimes I suffered from this lack. I used to go around telling people “sorry eh, but I don’t have dreams, what should I do?” and everyone looked at me badly, because in short, you will know if you want to be a writer, a street artist or an engineer. But no, I didn’t know and still have no idea. But now I know one thing, another thing: I was born without dreams and then I met two or three on the street. And I didn’t recognize them immediately, eh no. Because that’s the hard part. When I saw them I thought “how nice, but I’m not suitable” or “no, thanks. I don’t care ”and two or three times I even risked losing them. “Toh, what a careless, I left my dream in that place, who knows if the bartender found it”. And of course he had found it, of course, because dreams are in great demand and the rule, the only rule that applies is that you have to be careful. They are everywhere and yet they are never enough. Maybe we don’t have them inside, but we have them next to us, on us or maybe they are waiting for us in the garden, in a shop in the center, in our jacket pocket, in the middle of a boring party, on a cloud, in a fairytale.

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