There is a suggestion that can be helpful when entering the quagmire of inner awakening, namely "behaving as if "

Act as if you are already the person you want to become.
Think as if you were already made of those thoughts.
Feel like you already have those emotions.

It is not a positive aspect of being to wear new masks as a replacement for the first ones, but it is functional when you use them to approach your life in a direction of improvement and responsibility.

Always consider that what you emanate you receive.

Playing a role is a new signal for the mind to follow. Striving in everyday life to recite the vision of yourself that you want to be is a commandment that becomes automatic over time. The moment you are determined to give your best, and you do, satisfaction also increases. The unconscious at that point re-elaborates groups of beliefs, expanding new vibrations.

Let us not delude ourselves into resolving everything as if you were a Hollywood actor, this is just a step, it has nothing to do with the creation of a witness or self-observation.

But it is a start.

Something that, before standing there to declare warriors of light, could be done.

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