"Grandma, this isolation is destroying me."

"What can't you stand about this time, my child?"

“I had projects to carry out, works to finish, pending commitments that are waiting for me… and now I find myself still. Property. Without being able to do anything. I'm wasting time. "

“You are not wasting time. You're earning it. But you don't realize it. "

"And how can I, grandmother, realize such an absurd thing?"

"Cook. As it once was. Knead the bread and let it rise two long days and two long nights. The time has come for slow leavening. The one that makes you take care of the food you cook. Use your hands, not machines. Use good yeast, not artificial yeast. Let your dough rise for days, not just hours. And in this time of long waiting and caring, even if nothing seems to be happening, in reality an incredible change is taking place. In the dough and inside you. Learn to take care of your daily bread, you will thus learn to take care of what really feeds your soul. And everything will happen. As if by magic."

"Is this the time gained? That of care and waiting? "

"Yup. In this fast paced world we prepare the ingredients quickly and we want the bread to be ready as soon as possible. But do you know the taste and smell of slowly leavened bread? It is a different, genuine, almost sacred flavor. While you wait for your leavening bread you are in connection with your bread: you look at it, you feel it, you care for it. Here: this is the time for slow leavening. You have already prepared the ingredients, you have already kneaded. Now step aside and enjoy the wonderful spectacle of this culinary transformation. Of this transformation that is also happening inside you. "

"Without doing anything, grandmother?"

“Without doing absolutely anything. The smell of bread is already in the air. Trust your bread. And in the great possibilities that are within you. 


2020 was a year of change, transition, from an old me to a new version of it. The doubts that assailed me earlier this year have vanished and turned into certainties that I did not have before, new certainties were born and all the shyness, all the no's that I would have said before I let them become yes and new moves in the eyes of others, leaving that they turned into earlier journeys during which I met aspects of myself that I did not think I could see, a side of my character that I did not believe could be revealed in front of others. I made new experiences without thinking too much and letting go of my strong critical spirit and rationality. I let all this happen without ifs and buts and without projects. In the end, these are the best experiences. I learned to live with my anxieties, my fears and my sadness, making it a resource, especially the latter. I left room for forgiveness, stopping to admonish myself for every move that brought me closer to those who had made me suffer. In 2022 I hope to be able to improve further, because in life you never stop learning but above all I hope to be able to change again and to grow for the better, undertaking new journeys and new adventures, even falling, because obstacles can also not be jumped, yes it can fall but what matters is not even getting up but how you get up.

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