For its ability to see in the dark, to hunt effectively in the night by flying silently and for its complex verses that break the silence of the night, the owl has always been considered an animal symbol of Wisdom, Deep Knowledge, Clairvoyance and Prophecy. It is also an animal to which melancholy and poetic souls and nature lovers are very attached as it represents the secret world of night and dreams. The owl is therefore the guardian of the boundaries between night and day, civilization and wild life, between reality and illusion: a guide, a teacher.
And it's not true that owls and owls bring bad luck… on the contrary, those who wear them always feel they have an extra gear.


In these days in Italy the news is circulating on WhatsApp that the psychic Sylvia Browne has predicted, for 2020, the spread of "an epidemic of a serious disease similar to pneumonia refractory to any type of treatment". The epidemic, according to Browne, after having "caused a winter of absolute panic", would disappear and then reappear after 10 years making it "difficult to discover its cause and its cure". The passages would be present in the book Prophecies "What the future reserves" published in 2004.
We also have the theory of another somewhat peculiar character, who claims to be a Christian prophet, a certain William Tapley.
Although suggestive, the theory is obviously not taken seriously by the majority of the Christian community, which rejects the astrological interpretation. The first statement of Revelation 12 Sign dates back to 2011, which appeared on the YouTube channel of the American William Tapley, who told it in a video entitled "Stellarium". Over time, Tapley gathered several followers, earning the theory a page on Wikipedia.
Then we have BABA VANGA, a blind Bulgarian seer, who died in 1996, who predicted another pandemic in 2022.
Obviously the news that runs online on a thousand websites, and which is mixed up among many legitimate "nuclei of truth" around the pandemic issue, has only one shred of source, also because Baba Vanga has not left any written text on possible events future with respect to his death.
In the second prophecy, Baba Vanga would also speak of "many natural disasters". A vision, according to the interpreters, consistent with the current context characterized by climate change, which is causing a series of unusual natural phenomena. From the mass death of fish, to drought, severe floods, melting ice in the Arctic, rain falling on the island of Greenland.
The apparitions of Medjugorje began in June 1981 and since then, in various ways and periods, she has appeared to many of the six visionaries. In particular to Mirjana, the custodian and custodian of the 10 secrets, who will have the task of revealing them when the time comes. What we know about these secrets is that they concern all of humanity and are linked to the conversion of as many people as possible.
The time for converting people is perhaps over. A significant message, which can help us find an answer, is that of June 2, 2017: "Pray to my Son, and the love you experience through his closeness will give you strength and dispose you to the works of charity that you will carry out in his name. My children,be ready,this time is a turning point. ".
The turning point, to which Our Lady refers in this message, has probably arrived, and an interpretation of this message is given to us by Mirjana herself, who says that "priests must be a bridge to lead us to the other shore." It will be their task to bring the faithful safely to the light and away from darkness.
Nostradamus seems to have predicted many things that later came true. The well-known French astrologer, known throughout the world and famous for his prophecies, which for years have been analyzed and interpreted by astrologers in order to predict the contemporary future, wrote a book with predictions for many years to come, and here is what could be happen in 2022.

In the six quatrains concerning the coming year, the experts interpreted various scenarios. In the first it reads "Of blood and hunger greater calamity / Seven times ready for the marine beach / Monech of hunger, place taken, imprisonment". Therefore, wars and armed conflicts in the world will probably only increase hunger and increase migratory flows. Specifically, Nostradamus refers to the beaches, to say that seven times more migrants will arrive on the beaches of Europe than normal.
Nostradamus also talks about the climate: “Under the opposite Babylonian climate / Great it will be without effusion.” There could be a reference to a war caused by climatic conditions, a conflict due to lack of resources.
"The sacred temples of the first Roman style / They will reject the foundations of the Goddess", with this prophecy there could be a reference to the eventual fall of the European Union and in another the astrologer speaks of a possible war in Paris that could suffer a siege and remain without contact with the rest of the world for some time: "All around the great City / It will be the soldiers lodged by the fields and by the cities".

According to the interpreters of the prophecies Nostradamus may have also predicted the death of the North Korean dictator Kim-Jong Un: "The sudden death of the first character / It will bring about a change and will be able to place another character in the kingdom". The leader could be the victim of sudden death but be succeeded by a family member.

Finally, the astrologer may have predicted a disastrous earthquake in Japan: "Towards the extreme half drought / In the depths of Asia they will say earthquake". An event that could occur in the middle of the day and could cause a lot of material damage.


But there are those ten minutes in my days, those half hours in which I no longer understand anything, and it doesn’t matter how many people around the world love me: I’m alone. I can’t call anyone. I go down and I can only pull myself up with my strength. It’s nothing, it’s just that I’m afraid. And fear is one of the most alienating sensations I’ve ever experienced. Now I am more afraid because I fear that the whole world will collapse, I see people attacked, treated as if they were nothing, I see bad actions, cruel situations. And no one intervenes, no one really wants the good of humanity. Was God himself scattered by these forces adverse to our well-being? We were told that the Voladores we create them ourselves but then who are all these cruel beings who beat and subdue people? Did we create them? Maybe they had to defend us and not attack us. We are souls, beating hearts, and they beat us as if we were stones. We feel the strong pain of this lack of freedom but as soon as we do something to get up they hit us harder. They are men trained in violence and yet they have a mother, brothers, children, human beings like us. I am afraid that this world is collapsing and it is not a TV series and it is not a game. You may not look, you do not see, you do not know but a very dangerous journey has begun for all humanity, the journey towards death.

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