This is the fearful little girl inside me who still has so many fears! It is her survival strategy and I will never stop thanking her for saving and protecting me when I was little and helpless. But now, being an adult and in a better place, these mechanisms are no longer needed; when I am in a difficult moment I reconnect to the Guides and to my heart, I feel a sense of peace, of security, I feel lulled by love, and I recover the confidence that everything will be fine, in line with my higher good, that I do not I know except in my heart and in my spirit. The path of awareness is a long journey, there is no goal to reach, or a specific destination, but a journey to be fully enjoyed. Even today I was watching the news and reflecting on the fact that in such a divided world so complicated at this moment we can be grateful to be born in a part of the world where there is peace and many many problems could be overcome if only each of us devote even just ten minutes a day to cultivate peace within himself to be able to bring it into the world. So much suffering and so much human misery could truly be eradicated from the world if all of us were able to give and receive love. Yet it seems that this is particularly difficult for the human race. It is often said that before one can learn to love other people, one must learn to love oneself.


Time passes and leaves traces of stifled thoughts in the mind
Dancing of luminous moths as if they were air and dust. 
Where there is no rule to tell lies about people in balance. 
Nothing that can hurt to take refuge to protect ourselves from us. 
Because life goes like a crazy pinwheel. 
In going back and starting again in extreme need. 
Incoherence and nostalgia for acts left unfinished and empty. 
You were left to search in the mud for the habits of conscience. 

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