Today I saw the angel of death
he had white eyes
without pupils
and a wrinkled white skin
with a look he tore me apart
reopened infected wounds
with its black wings it envelops me
an old piano plays a waltz.
The winged creature looks at me and smiles
he touches my lips with his fingers
run your hand gently over my cheeks
and then slowly pierces me from behind
it feeds on my blood
of my pain.
Watch life fade from my eyes
bring her thin lips closer
And he steals my last breath from me with a kiss.
And his eyes
and its skin
take back the true color
and scrutinizes me with his head held high
as I fall to my knees in front of him.
I recognize you. 
I remember those brown eyes
that very white skin,
but I don't have time to say your name
that are already with your claws to the throat.
But I remember the name of the one who conquered death and griffin it in your face and you no longer have power over me and my life. 

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