“I will not express my opinion, but I have promised to conduct this survey. Should Assange and Snowden be pardoned?” So Elon Musk returned to probe the mood of the Twitter audience a few days ago. The new owner of the social network, opening the votes of a new poll, asked users if the founder of Wikileaks and a former employee of the US National Security Agency should be forgiven. Assange helped release classified documents about war crimes committed by US forces in Iraq and Afghanistan. 
17 counts of indictment hang over him, each worth 10 years in prison, for a total of around 175 years in prison, for revealing, via the Wikileaks platform, state secrets about the so-called US "wars on terror" in the Middle East exposing the crimes against humanity committed by the West in Afghanistan, precisely, and Iraq.

And speaking of revealed secrets, Musk kept an old promise and unveiled the "Twitter Files" which tell how the previous management of Twitter has come to the conclusion of limiting and blocking access to the New York Post article on "secrets ” contained in Hunter Biden's personal computer - from his private life to his foreign affairs - in the days leading up to the 2020 elections. The Tesla owner does not publish the documents directly but grants access to Matt Taibbi, the ever-critical journalist of online and media censorship, with which it implies that it has collaborated in the evaluation. Taibbi in a long series of tweets describes the contents of the cards viewed, attaches some of them and reaches his conclusions. In tweet number 18 he states: "Twitter has taken extraordinary measures to suppress the story" of the computer of Hunter Biden of the New York Post "by removing links and warning about what could be 'unsafe'. They have also blocked its direct transmission via message, a tool reserved for extreme cases such as child pornography". The documents shed light on the internal Twitter debate on blocking the article, highlighting the dissent and confusion over a decision later defined as wrong by former Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey.
The US administration did not like some of the businessman's tweets about the war in Ukraine that were too close to Putin and is considering checking his activities.
The US government is considering subjecting some of Elon Musk's companies to a national security check. These include Twitter and the satellite network Starlink.

As reported by Bloomberg, the need arises from concern over the tycoon's recent threat to interrupt Starlink satellite services in Ukraine.

The Biden administration also did not appreciate some tweets by Musk deemed favorable to Russian President Putin.

And while the doubts on the part of the US government are dissolving, Musk is preparing a cleaver cut on Twitter's workforce: his intention is to reduce the staff by 75%, going from the current 7,500 jobs to around 2,000.




Is it already too late? When a victim stands up to a bully the interaction is fascinating to observe. Before the moment of resistance the bully has anticipated that his behaviour will produce his desired effect. He will threaten, then his victim will submit. When his victim resists, our bully is forced to make new decisions. If he resorts to violence there are unknown consequences.

He might get hurt or lose. Unsure of the result he raises the level of threat attempting to elevate fear levels. When the victim’s resolve is unshaken he returns to the same question. Should I fight? Unsure, the bully redirects and blames a third smaller party. If on the other hand he attacks and hurts his victim, he still loses. The victim has shown courage and will be admired even in defeat. This scene is being acted out in Ukraine at the moment.

Putin raises the rhetoric and redirects his attention towards Latvia and Lithuania. He rants about ‘serious consequences’ but the new kids have already seen the worst he can do.

They reply ‘Show me what you’ve got. We’re not frightened!’ Can Putin walk away promising dire consequences and retain some of his power?

Will he risk losing it all – or is it already too late?


For all those times when

The grayest skies will make me tremble again,

For all those times when

My steps will be hesitant on the path,

I will tell myself

What for all those times

My soul has crumbled branches,

trampled on stones

caught the wind

Is that

after all those times

it still stands today

on the peak of a mountain.


Where did these bad men come from?
From which mother are these violent men born?
Why do they stay alive and strong?
Why did they give birth to them?
Where did these cruel devils come from?
Men who kill, who obey power, 
men? Are they men?
I call them monsters. 
These monsters who destroy people's homes and lives.
Do these men know love?
I believe they have never felt love.
What mother can bear having her children shoot other people?
What father is proud of such cruel children?
Where are their parents?
Why did they let them grow so violent?
Men who love war and weapons.
Men who were children and kill children.
Are these men?
I call them monsters !!!

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