Provocation. It is the mantra of a star who has always lived on the verge of excess, ready to amaze even at 56 years old. Madonna chooses the bondage style for her new image in a photo shoot for Interview magazine, in view of the release of the new album expected for 2015. In the shots, by Mert Alas and Marcus Piggot, she shows off a breathtaking topless in a boudoir version. And in the interview, by David Blaine, he talks about his crosses: from drugs to loneliness, passing through the relationship with his mother as a child. "Drugs - explains Madonna - are a short circuit, because they deceive you by making you feel closer to God but at the same time they are killing you. They destroy you. I have tried everything at least once, but every time I was" high " then I spent my time drinking tons of water to get those substances out of my body. " The times of the album 'Ray of Light' and the new age period of the star seem distant, we are back to hell. A spiritually enlightened sinner. The two ingredients for the eternal youth of a character who ages with oxymorons.
Black leather, pvc, bondage-effect laces for the joy (and pleasure) of fetish fanatics. Today more than ever trendy. A mood to be measured with caution, but also with a certain dose of courage, for a risque and irreverent look. Without taking yourself too seriously.
Over the years, fetish has become one of the most recurring objects of inspiration in fashion, to be told on the catwalk through codes and experiments in leather, PVC and bondage details.
The fetish, as a phenomenon of costume and aesthetic category, has always returned to the fashion radar, starting with the collections of Thierry Mugler and Alexander McQueen and, above all, the controversial Fall / Winter 1992 collection by Gianni Versace entitled Miss S&M, where the her cast of supermodels paraded in dog collars, leather harnesses, bustiers and BDSM-inspired accessories.
A series of creative stimuli linked to the strangest and most extreme human fantasies that, through fashion, have been made protagonists in recent decades also in famous films and more: from the provocative outfit of Mimì in the film Luna di gall by Roman Polanski, with self-regulating and waterproof latex socks, to the onesie of the vengeful Aeon Flux, played by Charlize Theron in the homonymous film with a futuristic touch. Passing through the iconic video clip of Madonna's song Human Nature, from 1994, which expresses the hidden and often repressed side of human sexuality through words, choreography and looks.
Since its presence was legitimized on the catwalk, fetish, in fact, has never abandoned the fashion collections, becoming in fact one of the cyclical inspirations of the stylists who, through a simple rubber or PVC accessory or a total look, represent the paradox of the mask as a real representation: a possibility of expressing what every day, in the hypocrisy of a "normal" society, cannot be made explicit in all spontaneity.
It already has its ranks of extremist worshipers, the Fall-Winter 2020/21 collection designed by Anthony Vaccarello for Saint Laurent, and sent to the catwalk just a handful of days ago at Paris Fashion Week. And, in fact, the acclaimed collection has everything it takes to conquer the widest female audience (and, yes, also the male one): rigor and femininity, order and sensuality, respectability and perversion. In perfect harmony with the brand's most deeply rooted DNA.
It is almost incredible to see how latex, which in the 1920s was used above all as a prodigious material for drop-proof raincoats, soon became almost the very emblem of the fetish world, including its even more sinful sadomasochistic branches, and then, with a double pike jump that reverses the course again, re-enters the more or less reassuring ranks of the bourgeoisie and lives a new life, as an itchy but tolerated touch, to be added with skill even to the most "respectable" outfits.

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