The teru teru bozu is a self-made white doll made of paper or fabric, which is hung with a thread outside the window to ward off rain and recall good weather.
The word "teru" in Japanese means "to shine" and "bozu" is the name by which the Buddhist monks are called to which it aesthetically recalls the figure of the doll. The day before the children go on school trips or picnics with the family, they build and hang the Teru Teru Bozu which they entrust with the task of not letting the rain come.
It is a tradition of Japanese folklore and although it is practiced by children today, in past times there was no farmer who no longer hung Teru Teru Bozu out of windows, on trees or in fields, believing that he influenced the weather by safeguarding crops.
It was believed that the doll was able to frighten Amefushi, the spirit of the rain ... in the past an enemy of the peasants, today an enemy of children who prevents them from going outside to play. Legend has it that this spirit is not bad and approaches where there are children to play with them, but attracting rain is not welcome and is hunted with the Teru Teru Bozu.
"Teru Teru Bōzu, Teru Bōzu,
bring me the sun tomorrow
If the sky is as clear as I dream of it
I'll give you a golden bell.
Teru Teru Bōzu, Teru Bōzu,
bring me the sun tomorrow
If you will listen to my prayers
I'll give you some sweet sake
Teru Teru Bōzu, Teru Bōzu,
bring me the sun tomorrow
If it's cloudy, I'll take your head off "
This is the nursery rhyme that children say to the teru teru bozu.
So if you too want the sun to shine every day, put your teru bōzu outside the window to scare the Amefushi spirit, thus avoiding being prey to its jokes.
If the next day it will be sunny, you can thank the ghost by embellishing it with a small golden bell or taking it with us in any activity (such as a trip) planned for that day.
According to other customs, to thank him one would have to wet his head with sake and then throw him into a river.


“Ask me why I go to the mountains. Ask me why, when the rest is tight, the only way is the path. Ask me.

- Why?

- Because in the mountains you can't waste your breath on useless words. You have to keep it to get to the top, and the rest is silence or kind words.

Because the only weight is the backpack. There is no burden on the heart.

Because everyone, if they wish, can reach the top. Just one step after another.

Because you meet people who still find a moment to say goodbye.

Because there are no trappings: there is you and there is your body, which you must keep and take care of, if you want to have the strength. There is the sky with its moods. Don't mess with rain, wind, snow or night. You have to be very careful, and go back to that primitive stage where nature and its movements were part of your life, an integral part of your daily life. You cannot snub nature in the mountains: it pulls you by the sleeve, asks you to look at it, to study it, to be present to it.

In the mountains you can and must be present to yourself, without distractions.

Perhaps this is why, over so many peaks, mobile phones and the internet work in fits and starts… it is nature that tells you:
“Forget the superfluous. Stay with friends. Stay with the animals. Stay with yourself. You don't need anything else".
There are nights like the one just passed when the mountain calls me and does it with a more intense voice than the others. There is a bond between me and the rock, which is not made of strength and resistance, but its texture has always been engraved in my blood with small rivulets of icy air that smear my flesh with inexplicable tremors of love .


Yesterday’s awakening was a bad awakening for Mattia’s young farm … Millions of dead bees and broken houses. An entire apiary destroyed by someone who took it out on defenseless animals, killing them, crushing them or freezing them from the pouring rain. It took months, perhaps years of care and work to prepare the bees in strength and health for the spring harvest, which was nullified overnight. This serious damage in the first days of flowering of the acacia will not be easily overcome, especially in this complex phase. Despite so much pain and discomfort, we need to find the strength not to give up and try to start again. Thanks to those who are expressing their solidarity with messages of support and those who want to concretely demonstrate it with a donation:

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