There are certain nights I would like to go out. Go to the seashore, lie down and look at the stars. Nothing more peaceful to purify the soul and mind. But anyone who has been in pain so great that they cry to no more tears knows well that at some point there is a kind of quiet melancholy, a kind of calm, almost certain that nothing will happen again.


Happiness can only be in the present moment, regardless of circumstances and turbulent times. Our true nature is love and awareness. We are the ones who can choose whether to hate or love, whether to live in happiness or in perennial dissatisfaction. It all depends on us. We cannot change external circumstances, but we have power over our choices and the attitude with which we respond to external stimuli and facts.


The smell of wet asphalt takes me back in time … When I was happy. When I was without cracks. When in the evening I was on the balcony relaxing looking at the stars. I’ve always loved that perfume. It tastes of peace. As if everything around the world slowed down. Like when it snows and you watch the flakes fall gently floating. Slowly. Pure peace, serenity. I miss her. I miss the serenity. “I discovered that it is enough for myself, that I can live alone. But I’m not sure it’s a good discovery, a test of wisdom. Loneliness is a luxury that should be enjoyed in small doses and short gulps. Woe to you if you indigestion, instead of being enriched, that is to say reassured, you find yourself impoverished and less wise. Man cannot live for too long alone, that is, drawing only on himself. Man needs others, that is, to think together with others, to act together with others. Dialogue and companionship are water for a soul parched by loneliness. In short, I’m talking about balance. A tree with too much water ends up rotting, but a tree without water ends up dying. “

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