“Be the anomaly.
The aberration.
The error.
The inconvenience.
The diversity.
The indecipherable data.
Let them shake their uniformed heads while watching you.
Let them be ashamed of you.
Let them be embarrassed.
Let them get angry. They will insult you.
You let them do it.
Let them make fun of you.
Let them point you.
Let them laugh.
Resist their mockery.
Be their victim, their laughing stock.
Be a resounding failure in their eyes.
A tiger does not lose sleep by caring for what sheep think.
Go on.
Be the scar on their way of seeing things and their normality. They will hate you.
They will fear you. They will want to be like you ”.
Resilience is the strength of people who, despite being injured, consider themselves not victims but users of their own resources and are preparing to recover the resources necessary to face the future with planning hope. The word resilience (from the Latin resiliere, to bounce) in physics indicates the property of materials to return to their original shape after having suffered a blow. In sociology and psychology it highlights the human capacity to overcome the difficulties of life with elasticity, vitality, energy, ingenuity. Resilience is the ability to face risk factors, to get up after a crisis, stronger and more ingenious than before: it is the ability to overcome the injustices of life without succumbing.
Do you know what the truth is?
That people fight only for themselves.
Yet the best wars are those that are fought for others, because there is the strength of an ideal, pure, and not of interest.
No one fought for me. I never understood what it meant to be strong, until I was left alone and now that I’m fighting the world I don’t need a hand from anyone, because the best enemy is someone I trust, but he will be the first to hit me from behind . So I realized being strong alone is the only solution.
The studies I have done
they will make you believe
that are all the grades taken at school,
I am the exam given
the debt to mathematics, the outdated thesis,
you will think I am the degree title
the friends I've had
three little freedoms of my childhood
they'll make you think they know
where i come from, what have i done,
the fatal mistakes that I carry with me
and what rebellions
my ideal is composed
the car I drive
the clothes I choose
the premises in which I enter,
you will think they are excellent clues
to get to intuit
who I am
you will believe
that I am the flaws of my zodiac sign,
that besides the cheekbones, it also has all the qualities of my mother,
and that I think it
like the music I listen to
when heartbroken
I practice solitude in the bedroom
but what you glimpse of me
it is homeopathy of my experience
is a distillation of your imagination,
a tiny span of my infinity
served on the table of your little judgment
I am
that you still can't see.


In psychology, resilience indicates the ability to deal positively with traumatic events. The ability to positively reorganize one’s life. Rebuilding yourself while remaining sensitive. Resilient people are those who, despite being immersed in adverse circumstances, manage, against all odds, to face obstacles. Once my sister told me: “You know when the sand is hot, but you don’t care because she knows so much that you are running towards the sea? Here, we should live like this. ” He was right, he’s right. Of course, sometimes it is hard. Sometimes you feel suffocated by everything … Sometimes it seems to you that you cannot be saved by anyone, not even by yourself. Sometimes the word “hope” seems useless to you. There are days when people judge you without knowing you. Days when the mirror screams that you suck and you are not enough. Days when you find yourself face to face with pains you don’t know how to deal with. Pain you think will destroy your life. But don’t cry, not today. Tomorrow will be better. Hold back the tears. Nobody deserves your tears. Nobody. Neither the mirror nor whoever abandons you nor life. You will learn to care. To breathe without fear. To be happy without trembling. Without the fear that everything could end at any moment. Find the courage to smile. Even when you think you can’t. Smile because you can do it so much. Smile because if you do, no one will notice your demons. And they will lose importance. They will make you less and less afraid. Smile: maybe no one will think you are happy, but everyone will know that you are strong. You know how to resist. Smile and let your smile change your mood, not your mood changing your smile. Don’t waste time suffering, feeling sorry for yourself. A smile can save your life. And it could be the reason for someone else’s smile. Trust your abilities. Take care of your courage. After all, this is life: sinking for hours and re-emerging in a minute. Fall down nine times and get up again ten. Suffering a lot and smiling twice as much. Tell yourself, every day. God bless those who never lose the courage to smile at life. God bless those people who when you meet their eyes by mistake smile.
“If you did not know good, you would not be saved from evil, and if you did not know evil, you could not do good. Man is always free to choose, even unconsciously. "
"How can there be unconscious choices? Not convince me."
"I repeat, man can always choose, and not choosing is also an unconscious choice."
"Explain better ..."
"When you do not take sides, when you do not respond to an injustice done to another with your word in his defense, when you disinterest by turning your back on man, you do not do good. Your justifications, your cowardice, your indifference, your not entering into conflict with others beyond your grim personal needs, are not good, child. Nature has its own precise balance, even when it seems cruel to you, and man is not allowed to upset it. His arrogance sometimes makes him believe it, but it would be like pretending to regulate the flow of time, therefore impossible. "
And you took my pain out of my hands.

It's getting cold in my bed.

You understand my pain and fear what it can do with it.

You shout the words as if you can forget them.

And I, I, I abandon myself to what I am.

my sentence.

No it won't be your voice to make me forget that

I am the phenomenon, the slightly splashed one

Grown on everyone's eyes or ignored

I've never really been in your body

Break my bones until I freeze or run

And I run when I feel that everything is too slow

Muscles burn my heart begs me

A dignified suicide if running away from my world

I can sow the hatred from which I surround myself

I run away from my father, from my mother, from the house where I grew up revealing a landslide

I run away from the school where I can't stay

Without having to isolate myself so as not to hurt me anymore

I run away from your eyes that look at me in passing

That makes me understand that nothing is finished and you are


You have such written lips that you are good at convincing me

That there is still light in my world of underworld

That maybe you care about me and you would be there at the funeral

But that you prefer my voice when it can sing

But I shouldn't believe you are just an illusion

A cry in the head, which dulls the disappointment

I will always be in your chest destroying your pain

You will be able to forgive me as I have forgiven you

I forgive all those who have abandoned me

You were always the blinking light in the basement
You have to remember the difference between before and after. You have to remember the good so that all these tears have at least sense, to always have in mind that you were happy, to keep in mind how it was, not to settle - in the future - for something less.
You have to remember the good, but above all the bad.
Not to go looking for him once again.
To stop waiting for it.
Not to go back.
Never again.
Obviously, evil is not what the church says sin is. I believe that the set of "sins" that the Church and its messengers pass on to us as sins are just a few behaviors very intrinsic to human nature - some, of course, "objectively" negative. And the Church qualifies them as negative to exercise its perverse control over humans, according to the scheme: "you sin, then you come to me, you pay in various forms, and I absolve you, and I send you around to sin again and repeat period… and I know you will, because those behaviors (like freely enjoying sex) are too attractive ”.
Further damage that the Catholic Church (and the Muslim, Jewish, Mormon, etc ...) do is to take to itself the pleasure of discovering the deepest and most divine self, and to de-empower and weaken us.
Be ambitious. Fight.
Don't forget to be happy.

They seem like clichés, read and reread a million times.
When you manage to uncover them and make them yours, they will hurt more than a blow to the face and you will hate them.

It would be better not to have dreams, aspirations, desires; it would be better to live with disinterest. Be satisfied.
Don't be intimidated by fear, sooner or later it will knock on your door.
Don't choose to live in mediocrity, it will devour you before you know it.

Write your dreams, tell them every fucking day; do not be afraid to do some madness, regrets will hurt more.

Close the books, the ones who will talk to you with wisdom even if they don't know anything about you and who will think they are teaching you about life from page 40 to page 73.
Life is out there and sometimes it's not even that sweet.
Reopen the book when you feel you have touched the sky or are burning inside, but at that point you will no longer want to read it and you will want to write. Surround yourself with people of worth, not some fool who seeks flattery to remedy their inner despondency.
Follow those who inspire you and who have a good word for you.
You will understand that if someone has always gone well, many others have had to make up for the gratitude of life by dint of slamming doors in their faces, yet they have made it and have not yet given up.
You will understand that your story is not even that special.

Know that for every choice you make there is a way to go and no one can tell you if it is the right one.
Whatever your choice, every path you take is better than inertia.

Some will discourage you but no one knows your dreams better than yourself. Do not be afraid to trust others, but have more and more confidence in yourself, because when there is a need to start over, the only head that must not fall will be yours.

Do not be afraid to close the door on someone or something, do not be afraid to give up on saturated relationships, where only habit wins while you lose pieces little by little.
The world emanates a mysterious energy, take it.
You fail. Set yourself to fail. Give it a go.
Many will make you feel like the biggest piece of shit on earth when you fail, just wait, but you will see that those rumors will come from people who matter nothing and who have never done anything good in life.
Failure allows you to learn. Do you want to miss this opportunity? Smile, be happy.
There is nothing that angers your detractors more.
Many will hate you for your ambition, and you will make many enemies among the mediocre and the dissatisfied, but others will follow you.

Don't stop fighting when you find disloyalty, arrogance, or indifference. Go ahead, work harder and better.
Don't ask yourself too much why things, many things happen for no reason. Master the consequences.

Travel. Don't put it off.
With a couple of beers less at the bar with your friends, you will have paid for a flight; you won't have a resort waiting for you but you will have life.
Cultivate new perspectives. Talk to people. Listen to it.
You are not a star nor an outcast repressed, learn to be with everyone and in the same way.

Maybe there is always a second chance but don't take the risk.
Do what you feel. Immediately.
There is that woman you like, go. There is a job opportunity, take it.

Don't put off your life.

Don't be afraid to share your happiness with a woman.
Don't be afraid to tell yourself that you need her now.
Love her but with love, not to fill your gaps. Feel her perfume, her voice, caress her hair, shake her hands, mix with her, look at the sky together.
Go with her to Rome, Venice, Paris, but also take her where no one would take her. Don't wait.

Be yourself, be interesting. Innovate.
Don't be afraid of changes, if your life sucks it's because you don't do anything to change it except always the same things.
Listen to yourself, close your eyes, accept when it's time for a change of scenery.

Look for people like you, with your same goals, your hunger, your interests.
Don't be afraid of social relationships, don't listen to those who say that being alone is better; be sociable with everyone, but preserve your individuality, what makes you unique, who you are.
Listen to a lot of music but if you feel like it don't be afraid to buy a concert ticket and sing, watch movies, read, study, play sports and rest well.
Never define yourself in any of these things, do everything your self, but love something in particular.

Be smart, evaluate, act on impulse, take a breath and do not act on impulse anymore, when you are nervous, take long walks or run, and if something devastates you inside, don't be afraid to show yourself to your suffering.

You are living.

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