The question that each of us has more or less often asked is “Why is there pain?” One cannot remain numb in front of our pains and those of others. There are physical, psychic and spiritual pains and on and on, as you go up the pain is more intense and less understood even if it may seem the opposite. In my opinion, pain is not an accident or, worse, a punishment but it contains hidden purposes. For the body, pain is a defense, an alarm bell, a warning that something is wrong and allows you to run for cover and be cured. No scientist would affirm that the sensation of pain that is felt by touching a flame is useless because it allows to avoid even fatal dangers for the body. Psychic pain, sometimes less understood, is a sense of loneliness, abandonment, the bitterness of unrequited feelings, of misunderstanding and therefore depression. This type of pain prompts the search for someone to help overcome it by identifying the causes and removing the obstacles before the vitality is completely extinguished. Spiritual pain is even less understood, it concerns the spiritual part of man but also includes psychic and physical pain because it takes man in his entirety. The spiritual sick person swears, inveighs against a divinity that he believes is the cause of his pain but is unable to change things. In this life, to establish the natural balance, every pain corresponds to a pleasure and vice versa (as for all dualities): to the fatigue of work and study the pleasure of results, to the sore gums of a child the growth of a tooth, to the the pain of childbirth the birth of a creature, the pain of a cure the pleasure of healing, the fatigue of a climb or a race the pleasure of victory but also: from the pleasure of smoking the pain of cancer, from the satisfaction of alcohol suffering from a cirrhosis, from the pleasure of big eat the problems of obesity. Those who live without pain sooner or later look for it to restore that balance I mentioned above. The handsome, young, rich son of a father leads a life without fatigue but then goes to practice extreme sports, runs with the car, takes drugs because he is in a state of imbalance and nature does not recognize a part of itself I recognize that the mysteries of pain still have unknown roots. Thoughts about pain are also pain in themselves, that of stepping into the shoes of the sufferer. Solidarity in pain very often eases it.


How do you learn to walk? How do you learn to be reborn? It starts from a shell, the armor that welcomes the soul, a fire that becomes embers continues to feed a force, it is expanding energy, it is a reaction that causes a flame, it brings back life. It is a crust that breaks, the shell that lets in a crack; it is the moment in which what is inside presses, takes possession of its space, the lung that absorbs oxygen and swells with each breath, it is the sleepy eyes that wake up slowly, morning dew, breeze that carries perfumes, silent communications of nature, everything slowly returns to be heard. It’s having patience, being born and screaming, and crying, and giving voice to emotions, being afraid, too afraid, and not having the courage, and being afraid. Smell life and be afraid of it. How I suffer while I am reborn! I suffer from love and repressed feelings, I suffer from tired anger, I suffer from memories left in the past, they tear the last flaps before granting me relief. I bless and I curse, I curse and I bless. I laugh with pain, I cry with joy. And I’m afraid. I keep my eyes closed in the light that makes its way between the thin eyelids, the clearness of the skin reveals the green, purple veins, a new blood flows strong: rich, healthy, uncontaminated, vaccine, vial of life, antibiotic that burns and melts what rotten stagnates. everything returns to bloom. I begin to live again.

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