Dreams in the drawer, underwear on the bed, doubts come out of the wardrobe. Yet it always takes me twenty minutes to choose the shoes. I open the shutters, another rainy day. The neighbor yells at her little girl, she doesn’t know how lucky she is to have her. Maybe we never realize the little miracles that happen in our life, for one reason or another, we are too worried about what doesn’t happen. I think another day has passed, even at 8 in the morning. I don’t have time to start, which has already passed. Like sand from your hands, you would like it to gush out of your palms to the bitter end. I am hungry for life, I need air, I want to hug everyone before being a memory.
To slide. The sensation of entering the leather of the seat of this train. I walk away, the body following the thought. I’m not here, I’m elsewhere. These feet are not mine anchored to the shiny, dirty floor. It is not my eyes that see the reflection of these buildings that alter with uncultivated trees and abandoned cars. This whole periphery is not mine, the strength that abandons me, the memory that presses to get out of my head. It is forbidden to cross the tracks. It is forbidden to leave thoughts. I wait for them to leave me. How I abandoned you.


I’m not ready to let go of summer. I long for the sea, for salt on my skin, for promises whispered under the stars, for a pink sky that brings new days. I want salty kisses good to eat, songs sung around a bonfire with guitars in hand, hugs that warm the heart and make you forget all problems, all thoughts. I want to wait for the dawn full of dreams, of laughter under the moon, to dance barefoot on the beach. Because summer always brings new wonders, special loves made of salt and shells, of stars and sand, of brushed lips and intertwined hands. Clothes become light and so do thoughts. In summer everything changes flavor, in summer everything is possible. The sea that caresses the skin, the fireflies that light up the nights, the hugs that take your breath away and are good for the heart, the shooting stars full of desires, the taste of salt on the lips, those stolen kisses that heal every wound. In summer you can breathe love and your eyes are filled with dreams. Summer is made for wonder.
I think that one of the best moments of relationships between two people is the first period, when you are getting to know each other and there is already confidence but it is still a mystery, there are the news, the smiles in front of the screen and the desire to see each other constantly, unexpected compliments, gestures made with care, sacrifices, help, always wanting to touch each other, discover each other, understand what the other likes, slowness, seriousness and light jokes. then the force goes away. there are no reasons. you stop tuning your heart and soul. there are no more mysteries and you need news. you have to ask why it is no longer given to you spontaneously, there are no more surprises with small gestures, you forget to respond to messages, you no longer get excited, you no longer want to contact, you feel that everything is forced, conversations and sentences seem like a copy of the copy of the copy of the conversation from the other day, you no longer see the spontaneity you have always wanted to experience, you no longer want to run. you drag everything. talk about it. wait. hope for novelty. it never comes. keep waiting
I seem to see my life unfold from a disturbed television. I feel very far from this world. almost foreign in this body. as if every happy memory was washed out of my mind. I close my eyes and can’t remember what it feels like to be happy. my chest falls back into my stomach at the thought of having to get up in the morning and pretend not to go out slowly again. I want to reach out and touch things, and I want to feel them touch me in turn. I want to live. I want the vitality of my life back.
I’ve always had a big flaw; boredom. I’ve always been bored with everything; things, places, people. I walked away from a lot of people out of boredom, because I have always been of the opinion that those who had to be close to me had to enrich me, fill me up, upset my brain and soul. I’ve always loved unexpected things, people who are different or the same as me who set my head on fire in some way. I hated my character many times because I sent people away because of him and the excuse of ‘I’m like that’ cannot always hold. So I tell you that I live my life to set myself on fire and I want people beside me who can set me on fire. Everything bores me, except fire.
Life is like dance. Life is a dance, but you cannot choose to stop from it. Dance like life will inevitably give you pain and fatigue, it will involve sacrifices, sacrifices and difficulties. It will disappoint you at times, when you won’t be able to take a step properly, or when you don’t get that place within the choreography you expected, just as life will disappoint you, at times, when things don’t go as you hoped, when even though he has put his whole heart into something, it will not come true. So in dance as in life you need a little luck, you need physical qualities such as instep, elasticity, dynamics, coordination, and some dancers are more fortunate than others to have them, but the desire to do comes where talent cannot go. Those who commit themselves, those who have willpower, passion, dedication and perseverance, go much further than those who have great natural gifts but lack these qualities. And so in life there will always be someone luckier, better, but only those who do not give up and always work with the heart to achieve real results. In dance as in life, you must also learn to let yourself go, if you concentrate too much on your steps, if you only think not to make mistakes, you lose the music, you waste time. You have to abandon yourself to the sound and let yourself be guided by it, and so in life, sometimes, it is necessary to stop thinking, stop your head and let your heart free, let yourself go and let yourself live. Each dance hall is full of mirrors, certainly not to exalt the vanity of the dancers, but because in dance as in life it is necessary to learn to know each other, to look at each other, to accept each other in everything that characterizes us, trying every day to become better, not others, but of ourselves. Because when you get on that stage and your song starts, you forget all the pains, all the sacrifices, all the disappointments, all the hours spent trying to improve the detail, and you just think about being happy. And so in life every wound, every suffering and every renunciation, the moment you finally manage to see realized what you have fought so much for, vanishes into thin air. Try to dance, on stage, in front of an audience, in a crowd, or on the street, at the supermarket when your favorite song passes by, or even alone in your room with headphones, but try to dance, learn to dance, it will seem to have learned a little more to live.

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