Sometimes I can’t sleep well and wake up in the middle of the night. It is initially frustrating to open your eyes in a dark room, but it doesn’t take much to make that moment magical. The birds chirp, hidden among the branches of the gnarled trees, while an incredible quiet reigns outside. The streets are deserted, the lights of the houses still extinguished, while a pale moon peeps through the clouds, whitening the landscape with its white light. A wonderful mantle of stars covers the sky, small but bright they shine majestically, giving, to the observer, an inexplicable serenity. This mystical moment, suspended between the nocturnal darkness and the multicolored lights of dawn, is known by few, which makes it even more special.
Rough sea, The sky invokes a storm …
Black, hurl lightning on us …
The animals run for cover, They are afraid…
Two little birds embraced, They tremble in their nest …
Too fragile to withstand the elements.
Chilling the wickedness of this nature, Cruel laughter,
The ground trembles, This little house falls.
Desperate song …
The little birds run away, They force each other … I was left alone.
Raindrops slide down my face, I look at the sky … It is covered with furious clouds …
I laugh. I am still here!
What else do you want to do?
It was three in the morning. I couldn’t sleep, so I got up and headed outside. It was cold, very cold, but I didn’t care, the air was fresh, only birds and crickets could be heard, no cars, no boys / girls, and not even screaming parents. I took deep breaths, for a moment I admit I felt free. Free from everything and everyone, from my problems, from thoughts. I went back inside, took a large blanket and made myself some tea. I went into the garden and sat on a chair, looking at nature in all its beauty, listening carefully to the sounds of the animals, the birds sing even at night, and for once, relax without any problems.
Sometimes it seems like everything hurts us,
we should also be afraid of the sea.
With what eyes should we look at ourselves, if our eyes are full of dross.
Multiple satellites destroy the sky, a veil of blue feathers would be better.
Run fast above the clouds,
run blue birds,
take the treasure of light and give it to everyone.

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