Many spiritual seekers today are exploring the shamanic beliefs of the world's indigenous peoples, but experts believe that there was also a form of Celtic shamanism, though the details of this tradition appear shrouded in the mists of time. Through the careful study of archeology and the reading of the stories of Greek and Roman authors who had met the ancient Celts and considering the ancient traces still visible within the medieval manuscripts and folk tales, we are able to meticulously reconstruct the tapestry vibrant of ancient Celtic spirituality. If we approach it with respect, inspiration and an open heart, the voices of the past can speak to us today and share their wisdom with us.

For the ancient Celts, as originally in the Irish creed, the cosmos consisted of the three realms of Nem (sky), Muir (sea) and Talam (Earth), and these are mentioned in various Irish texts. As in other cultures, the Celts understood that there were deities or spirits who inhabited these three realms. Ancient inscriptions record deities associated with the realm of heaven, such as Taranis the Thunderer and Sirona the Goddess of the Divine Star and other sources give us hints of Gods of the Underworld, such as the ancient Gallic god Maponus the Divine Son.

In British and Irish mythology and folklore, divine beings are encountered near fairy mounds, groves of trees, or streams, and their parallel realms are understood to be under the earth or under water.

The world tree - the tree which many cultures say resides in the center of the world and connects the Underworld, Middleworld and Overworld, is very important in Celtic lore and many sacred gathering sites are characterized by a tree, carved wood or stone pillar or offering pit in the centre. The Irish word “bile” refers to ancient and revered trees. It was historically forbidden to damage them, and rituals took place in their presence. This type of sacred site was known as a "nemeton" and existed throughout the Celtic world. 

Often the nemeton was represented by a pillar or tree, a sacred mound and a sacred well. Caesar wrote that the druids of Gaul congregated at the cosmological center of Gaul which is located near where Chartres Cathedral was built centuries later. In Ireland the cosmic center was near the sacred hill of Uisneach, while in Scotland it was called "Medionemeton" (Holy Place Centre), which was located somewhere near Fortingall, a small Highland village in Perthshire.

Another Irish text describes the main characteristics of the four directions and the sacred centre. They are these: East - Prosperity, South - Music, West - Learning, North - Conflict and Center - Sovereignty. There is often a sacred tradition associated with these sacred places. A very early Irish tale tells of a man sitting in a tree with a blackbird on his right shoulder, a bronze vessel containing a trout in his hands and a deer standing near the tree. He shared the apples and nuts with the animals - both of which are symbols of divine wisdom - and they all drank from the sacred vessel together. 
The blackbird may symbolize the Upper World, the deer Middle World, and the trout the Under World, similar to the animals said to be associated with the World Tree Yggdrasil for the Norse.


The deer is found above all in shamanic astrology, typical of the American Indians. Referring to shamanic astrology, those who were born under the sign of twins between 21 May and 20 June received the deer as a totem animal. They are people with innate intelligence, curiosity and a desire to explore the world and have new experiences.
The symbolism of the deer is also important in Celtic culture. The Celts thought that the deer was a supernatural animal and above all attributed to it the gift of fertility, which we talked about earlier in relation to the horns of this animal. It is not surprising that the deer was also associated with figures from Celtic mythology, among which we must absolutely remember Cernunnos, or the god among the animals that lived in the forest. 
The white deer is considered a magical and powerful force in many mythological apparatuses.

In Celtic tradition, white deer are considered to be messengers from the afterlife. According to the legend of Arthur, then, it is a creature impossible to capture: the search for the animal by King Arthur represents the search for the spirituality of Man.

It is also said that those who manage to spot the animal are about to experience a moment of great importance.

On a page of notes dated 1900, the Irish poet W.B. Yeats mentions "a story from the Galway area in which it is said that Niamh, whose name meant Luminosity or Beauty, approached Oisin in the form of a deer (...) and a white fawn looked at the man from the woods, while he did not he was aware of it, because a white hound was coming and the man was starting to follow him, trembling; but the seer knew that eventually he would follow the fawn, that he would lead him among the gods. The wisest of the Hermetists said: "I am unable to indicate the meaning of the dogs, or where the encounter between the Suns is, but I believe that the fawn is the Morning and Evening Star".
The Deer represents a messenger and a guide to the otherworldly worlds. The deer horns were used by shamans for their rituals. The deer represents speed, grace and sweetness. It teaches that one can change one's path while maintaining the established direction. The deer is one of the most important animals and symbols in Celtic culture, considered a spiritual being belonging to the Mother Goddess and associated with the cult of fertility. It represents life as a renovator of nature. In fact it was linked to the figure of Cernunnos, the horned god, one of the most ancient Celtic deities of the forest and animals. The Celts used many talismans in deer horn to evoke the qualities of the animal. The deer bond with spirituality and the sacredness of life is testified by numerous myths about this totem.
The female, the white doe, on the other hand, representative of the feminine principle, possesses lightness, flair and great ability to change shape and has the role of leading the hunter into the depths of the forest of mysteries. 
According to the myth, the goddess Diana led the choirs of the Muses, and Agamemnon, who was in command of the Greek army, sacrificed his daughter Iphigenia to her before setting sail for Troy. The goddess of the woods, however, substituted a doe for the girl, who was brought to Tauride.


The traditional idea considers the human being as a victim of non-humans, aliens, demons, etc ...
I propose an alternative hypothesis:
humanity has attracted, by its very nature and choice, the whole world of PARASITES that, otherwise, would have ignored it
This was originally done through magical, shamanic and then pre-religious and religious cults.
Shamans, magicians, priests have all attracted and placed in humanity a series of immaterial or semi-material entities that would never have dared to attack the species on their own behalf.
In fact, animals and plants have no problems in this sense, since they automatically reject any interference but, above all, they certainly do not go looking for them.
The entities we are talking about belong to natures and dimensions that are not human ones.

Indeed, in many cases, not even terrestrial, in the human sense of the word.
They may, indeed, they could also exist in concomitant dance with the man, perhaps even touch him, but they would never have dreamed of being able to enter and use him for their own purposes.
Instead, wizards, shamans and priests have not only evoked them, provoked, invited them .... but they have implanted them into human history, BECOMING, FROM TIME TO TIME, TOOLS AND, THEMSELVES, PARASITES.
For this, humanity has become a hybrid and contaminated species, polluted and polluting on the EXISTENTIAL, PSYCHOLOGICAL AND SOCIAL levels.
Today the main aliens, demons, pseudo-angels, non-humans, etc ... ARE HYBRID AND HYBRID HUMAN BEINGS at medium and maximum level.
Their manpower are those below those levels.
Their target is the rest of humanity.
Therefore, the enemies today are not "thrones, principalities and dominations", but a race of hybrids that embodies and supports the "thrones ...", allowing them to reign without getting their hands dirty and SEEMINGLY INNOCENT AND ABSENT.
Fighting against the ruling bodies of the planet would be useless and suicidal.
But to remove the hybrids I have mentioned from them is possible and desirable.
So, if we want to free ourselves, we must retrace the path that made them enter, on the contrary, LET THEM EXIT.

The practice of religious and secular exorcism can succeed.
But with the foresight to acknowledge to entities that we are at least half responsible, and that we recognize them some positive aspects of our history.
The exorcism must be a farewell and not a war, a divorce and not a mutual aggression, a non-violent and progressive estrangement.
This applies to entities.

Against the hybrids the discourse changes, since they, from the manpower to the superior executives, ARE IMPLIED IN THE TERRESTRIAL POWERS AT ALL LEVELS.
Thus, a war against them would surely become a CIVIL WAR with serious military implications.
Therefore, the path of liberation is as dangerous a path as CURRENT PRISON.
But it cannot be avoided.
So, the future will be of two types:

a) imprisonment
b) release

In the first case, however, there would be an instinctual explosion or a final implosion
In the second, as I said, to a GENERALIZED CIVIL WAR.
As a neutral observer, a role that allows me to write these things while saving my ass, I can tell you that, in the first case, there would no longer be human humanity, but only debris in total disarray.
In the second, however, there would be a real glimpse of salvation, but uncertain and relative.
These are the results of the behavior that I have explained, a millennial behavior that has CALIBRATED AND IMPRINTED THE HUMAN SPECIES IN AN INDELIBLE BUT NOT YET DEFINITIVE AND TERMINAL WAY.


In Nepalese Shamanism - which has an animistic view, the shaman who intercedes with the world of different Spirits can travel to these "worlds" because he is pure.
This purity is not the rigidity that one feels to follow ascetic practices that are not intimately understood, much less does it mean following and fulfilling a series of behavioral (moral) rules that impose a hypocritical and "adharmic" society like the Western one, which is widely spread also in the East. Purity means, in my opinion, a profound understanding of the "universal law" (Dharma) and of Karma; obviously, knowledge that is not put into practice is refined ignorance.
By knowing the law and how it manifests in every sphere of life, and by striving to marry it over the course of numerous incarnations, the Shaman frees himself from the karmic bonds that hold and direct the life force, as well as from the grip these karmic chains have on the law. subjective perception of reality. This is why he is pure and can access other worlds, his vision is clear, not corrupted.


When I asked you to unite to unite our energy and shed the light of the heart, you did not listen to me.
I had made an appeal, it was necessary to do something very specific, but I explain many things and no one follows the speech.
Our souls are divided by the sea, by the mountains, by km of lives.
But we must unite them in a circle of light to avoid the worst.
I told you that if we didn't do that something bad would happen and it did.
I had made an appeal to all the shamans but no one answered.
Now here we are with the war that started a month ago.
I have explained to you that energy must be united in the same timeline to reach its destination, like an arrow pointing towards Good.
But you don't understand, you don't listen and I am alone doing all this and I see a void of people who do not participate.
I had made an appeal to help me stop this evil but I cannot make myself heard from you.
All my strength will wane if you do not help me to invoke the good.
There is a definite way, and the shamans know it, and I need you, because they are preparing the worst.
The dance for human life. The dance to save human life.
We have to dance together and connect, it is vital, we have to do it or this planet will go ash under the bombs.
Please listen to me.
We must participate all of us who emanate light, all of us who ride the sea of ​​the mind, please connect with me, through the shamanic dance, please run this post. It takes a lot of energy, and I'm losing all strength because I always do it alone. If you know someone who knows how to cross the seas, the distances, please tell him that we must make the circle of fire to prevent another death from falling on mankind. This is yet another appeal. No matter what language you speak, translate it into your native language and send it to everyone. Please do it now or it will be too late.


Cuando les pedí unirnos para unir nuestra energía y derramar la luz del corazón, no me escucharon.
Había hecho un llamamiento, había que hacer algo muy concreto, pero explico muchas cosas y nadie sigue el discurso.
Nuestras almas están divididas por el mar, por las montañas, por km de vidas.
Pero debemos unirlos en un círculo de luz para evitar lo peor.
Te dije que si no hacíamos eso algo malo pasaría y pasó.
Hice un llamamiento a todos los chamanes pero nadie respondió.
Ahora aquí estamos con la guerra que comenzó hace un mes.
Les he explicado que la energía tiene que estar unida en una misma línea de tiempo para llegar a su destino, como una flecha que apunta hacia el Bien.
Pero no entiendes, no escuchas y estoy solo haciendo todo esto y veo un vacío de gente que no participa.
Hice un llamamiento para que me ayudaran a detener este mal, pero no puedo hacer que me escuchen.
Todas mis fuerzas se desvanecerán si no me ayudas a invocar el bien.
Hay un camino definido, y los chamanes lo saben, y te necesito, porque están preparando lo peor.
La danza por la vida humana. La danza para salvar la vida humana.
Tenemos que bailar juntos y conectarnos, es vital, tenemos que hacerlo o este planeta se convertirá en cenizas bajo las bombas.
Por favor escuchame.
Debemos participar todos los que emanamos luz, todos los que navegamos en el mar de la mente, por favor conéctate conmigo, a través de la danza chamánica, por favor corre este post. Se necesita mucha energía y estoy perdiendo todas las fuerzas porque siempre lo hago solo. Si conoces a alguien que sepa cruzar los mares, las distancias, por favor dile que debemos hacer el círculo de fuego para evitar que otra muerte caiga sobre la humanidad. Este es otro llamado más. No importa el idioma que hable, tradúzcalo a su idioma nativo y envíelo a todos. Por favor, hazlo ahora o será demasiado tarde.

Quand je vous ai demandé de vous unir pour unir nos énergies et répandre la lumière du cœur, vous ne m'avez pas écouté.
J'avais lancé un appel, il fallait faire quelque chose de très précis, mais j'explique beaucoup de choses et personne ne suit le discours.
Nos âmes sont divisées par la mer, par les montagnes, par km de vies.
Mais nous devons les unir dans un cercle de lumière pour éviter le pire.
Je vous ai dit que si nous ne le faisions pas, quelque chose de grave arriverait et c'est arrivé.
J'avais lancé un appel à tous les chamans mais personne n'a répondu.
Maintenant, nous voici avec la guerre qui a commencé il y a un mois.
Je vous ai expliqué que l'énergie doit être jointe dans la même chronologie afin d'atteindre sa destination, comme une flèche pointant vers le Bien.
Mais vous ne comprenez pas, vous n'écoutez pas et je suis seul à faire tout cela et je vois un vide de personnes qui ne participent pas.
J'avais lancé un appel pour m'aider à arrêter ce mal mais je ne peux pas me faire entendre de vous.
Toutes mes forces s'amenuiseront si vous ne m'aidez pas à invoquer le bien.
Il y a un chemin bien défini, et les chamans le savent, et j'ai besoin de vous, car ils préparent le pire.
La danse pour la vie humaine. La danse pour sauver la vie humaine.
Nous devons danser ensemble et nous connecter, c'est vital, nous devons le faire ou cette planète ira en cendres sous les bombes.
S'il te plait écoute moi.
Nous devons participer, nous tous qui émanons de la lumière, nous tous qui chevauchons la mer de l'esprit, veuillez vous connecter avec moi, à travers la danse chamanique, veuillez publier ce message. Cela demande beaucoup d'énergie et je perds toute force car je le fais toujours seul. Si vous connaissez quelqu'un qui sait traverser les mers, les distances, dites-lui s'il vous plaît qu'il faut faire le cercle de feu pour éviter qu'une autre mort ne tombe sur l'humanité. C'est encore un autre appel. Quelle que soit la langue que vous parlez, traduisez-la dans votre langue maternelle et envoyez-la à tout le monde. Veuillez le faire maintenant ou il sera trop tard.


Als ich dich bat, dich zu vereinen, um unsere Energie zu vereinen und das Licht des Herzens auszustrahlen, hast du nicht auf mich gehört.Ich hatte einen Appell gemacht, es war notwendig, etwas ganz Bestimmtes zu tun, aber ich erkläre viele Dinge und niemand folgt der Rede.Unsere Seelen sind durch das Meer, durch die Berge, durch Kilometer des Lebens getrennt.Aber wir müssen sie in einem Lichtkreis vereinen, um das Schlimmste zu vermeiden.Ich habe dir gesagt, dass etwas Schlimmes passieren würde, wenn wir das nicht tun würden, und das ist passiert.Ich hatte an alle Schamanen appelliert, aber niemand antwortete.Jetzt sind wir hier bei dem Krieg, der vor einem Monat begonnen hat.Ich habe dir erklärt, dass Energie in der gleichen Zeitlinie verbunden werden muss, um ihr Ziel zu erreichen, wie ein Pfeil, der zum Guten zeigt.Aber du verstehst nicht, du hörst nicht zu, und ich mache das alles allein, und ich sehe eine Leere von Menschen, die nicht mitmachen.Ich hatte einen Appell gemacht, mir zu helfen, dieses Übel zu stoppen, aber ich kann mich nicht von Ihnen hören lassen.All meine Kraft wird schwinden, wenn du mir nicht hilfst, das Gute zu beschwören.Es gibt einen bestimmten Weg, und die Schamanen wissen ihn, und ich brauche dich, denn sie bereiten sich auf das Schlimmste vor.Der Tanz um das menschliche Leben. Der Tanz um Menschenleben zu retten.Wir müssen zusammen tanzen und uns verbinden, es ist lebenswichtig, wir müssen es tun oder dieser Planet wird unter den Bomben zu Asche vergehen.Bitte hör mir zu.Wir müssen teilnehmen, wir alle, die Licht ausstrahlen, wir alle, die wir auf dem Meer des Geistes reiten, bitte verbinde dich mit mir, durch den schamanischen Tanz, bitte betreibe diesen Beitrag. Es kostet viel Energie, und ich verliere alle Kraft, weil ich es immer alleine mache. Wenn Sie jemanden kennen, der weiß, wie man die Meere und Entfernungen überwindet, sagen Sie ihm bitte, dass wir den Feuerkreis bilden müssen, um zu verhindern, dass ein weiterer Tod über die Menschheit hereinbricht. Dies ist ein weiterer Appell. Egal welche Sprache Sie sprechen, übersetzen Sie es in Ihre Muttersprache und senden Sie es an alle. Bitte tun Sie es jetzt oder es wird zu spät sein.

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