I am not even 30 years old, but in this life span millions of people have passed in front of me. Some of them were dance and drinking companions for a night and I never saw them again, others accompanied me for a short journey of my journey, some of them are simply acquaintances and still others are friends. I spent my life in the midst of people, I saw the thousand facets, the particularity of each one and I still believed I had "understood" it. Then by pure chance I know a person, we've never seen each other, never spent time together, I don't know his expressions, we hardly even know the tone of our voices, we write to each other. We talk a lot and I am amazed. I found qualities never seen before, I discovered sincere and disinterested listening and kindness. A whole life in the midst of people and never anyone who was able to really look at me and then a person arrives behind a screen and manages to read my soul, gave me hope, carefree, courage and the desire to fight. This post will surely be read by him too, so I wanted to take the opportunity to thank him with a phrase taken from the text of "The Messenger by Linkin Park" .. When life leaves us blind, love makes us kind, it keeps us kind.


I have lived half my life years now. I have traveled the world. Saw many good and bad things. Experienced with good and bad people. I was abused at 4 years old. But I was saved by art. I loved it very much. People and animals. So much so that I was able to save a lot of people except myself. I have always done everything following my heart but my heart has taken me to a country where I am dying out. I am dependent on vital drugs for me and I cannot marry from this damn nation. I hate being here. I hate my beating heart. I see too many people just looking for money. That’s why I’m alone here. Many have used and exploited me. But I said enough. I have given too much of myself. The world will perish and there is no Gandalf to screen Evil. No brave group to take out the orcs. We human beings are finished now. Machines own people. When I talk about real life and not virtual, they laugh in my face. All. It is normal for them to be on the web 24 hours a day. They consider me strange to me because I prefer to go out and live outside and not inside a screen. But unfortunately there are few left without cell in hand. We are just white flies.


More and more often I hear people say that you feel alone. Everyone says it but then nothing is done to bond with others. One selects, one discards, one becomes misanthropic. We deny ourselves, we close ourselves off, we become hostile, acidic, suspicious, and always behind the screen, there, fixed on looking for a solution for an increasingly false life. We complain of loneliness but then as soon as you invite someone to come out of the shell, a thousand excuses are presented to you. So who wants to stay alone because then he complains? Who does not want to live in reality anymore because they complain of not finding anyone? The virtual world is absorbing everyone. All! It is becoming like a large cage where people stop breathing and pretend to breathe. He can’t say enough. He can’t say No. He can’t say ok, I’m coming, I’m leaving, I’ll come to you, see you, we know each other, ok, in reality, on the skin. All hidden behind this screen. But aren’t you tired?

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