Have you ever thought about how beautiful soap bubbles are? They have their short but beautiful life, which depends on who blows. And without bothering, they get to the point where they can no longer resist and burst, without making noise, without disturbing. They die in silence.
Do you know what the most beautiful thing is? Finding ourselves in the midst of people, like two simple people, and meeting our eyes. It is in that instant that all that the senses are based on vanishes. We are left alone with our complicity, to remember those moments spent together that no one can imagine and perhaps in doing so, an embarrassed smile also appears. As you always tell me, we are linked by an invisible thread that allows us to be part of each other, living our moments in our soap bubble, leaving out everything else and letting ourselves go into the arms of Eros.
In a soap bubble, you know those of a thousand colors, transparent and graceful This is how I feel In perfect balance Even a light and delicate breath would be enough to break it and make me fall to the ground in pain. Soap bubbles are like dreams, they break at the most beautiful moment. Do you know when you are in your bed, you are having a good dream and you wake up on time? this is an example of how soap bubbles, how dreams cannot last forever, sooner or later they will break. And in the foam drown the defects that had stuck to the skin, and while I hold my breath, I count the minutes that separate me from the darkness, then I blow into a bubble all the pain that slips away with the current. And I rise from the waters, naked, with mascara stars that decorate my red cheeks with missed breaths.


the sea falls from the eyes
the bones embrace my heart
they hold him like a fist.
I did the first harm during the day.
the night embraces me with her black hair.
light of the dark.
you are a big moon.
I am a lonely shadow in the night.
Even the moon is eclipsed as I pass.
The stars are covered with clouds.
Rain mixes with tears.
Dark thoughts thicken.
Like trees in the middle of the forest.
A deafening silence reigns around me.
the sea wall comes up against my heart.
the waves welcome my shivering from the cold.
I curl up under the sheets.
but she still peeks at me. cursed moon.
In recent years my life has changed a lot, between people found and people lost the account is always zero. After he left me I started a new life, and thanks to this I found new paths. There have been people who have deeply saved me, one more than all, I was in a terrible moment, alone, with no one to talk to. I felt like I was clinging to the edge of a precipice. He saved me. And I naively believed that nothing would divide us. I never told him, but we rarely talk now, he has his life and he looks happy. So I decided to leave it alone and leave the pieces where they were. Then I fell in love, or maybe I fell in love with the way he loves me, totally irrational, beautiful and dispassionate. Preferring to swallow my shit rather than say goodbye, he left it all for me. I don’t think I deserve it, I don’t think I deserve so much love, not anymore. My last relationship left such a deep scar on me that years later it still hurts when I think about it. My mistake was not being able to forgive myself, while he forgave him in the end, and what he couldn’t make me forgive was the idealization that I had built on him. He wasn’t perfect, and he could hurt me, and he could be wrong. And yes he was wrong with me. I work on me, day after day, minute by minute. My life is not bad, difficult at times very dark. I wish I could talk to my past to move forward, but sometimes it is not possible to do so and then it remains broken forever.

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