Pain twists my hair during a chess game with common sense.
The handles remain lowered, the doors open and the holes closed.
The galaxies of logic reject any rational explanation.
A ship can sail even without an engine, a ship can have sails.
Gray open by blue, fears covered by yellow.
I can picture myself curled up on your sofa while you travel you can arrive on my sofa.
It is an exchange of minds and ancestral poison.
Archetypes to avoid, emulation of adults,
prime spirits:
feel my pain,
release my pain,
feel my heart,
free my heart.
Turn to me Lord,
shout my name.
Dominate, feel my pain, 
Feel my skin tonight.
Don't get me up.
Let me wake up my dream soul to defeat death.


Il dolore attorciglia i capelli durante la partita di scacchi col buonsenso.
Le maniglie rimangono abbassate, le porte aperte e i buchi scoperti.
Le galassie della logica rifiutano ogni spiegazione razionale.
Una nave può salpare, anche senza un motore, una nave può avere le vele.
Grigiori aperti dal blu, timori coperti dal giallo.
posso immaginarmi raggomitolata sul tuo divano mentre tu viaggi posso arrivare sul mio divano.
È uno scambio di menti e veleno ancestrale.
Archetipi da evitare, emulazione di adulti,
spiriti primi:
senti il ​​mio dolore,
libera il mio dolore,
senti il ​​mio cuore,
libera il mio cuore.
Porgiti a me Signore,
grida il mio nome.
Domine, senti il ​​mio dolore, Re.
Senti la mia pelle stanotte.
Non mi rialzare.
Lasciami svegliare la mia anima onirica per sconfiggere la morte.


Okay, I know you love your son and daughter very much, but do you think and in the future they will be adults and live in a beautiful world? Do you know what is happening to the earth? Do you want your children and grandchildren to live peacefully in a beautiful and healthy world? Then give away the right things. Make the right choice for them and your grandchildren. Help Greenpeace save this planet. Greenpeace warriors are real warriors. They are fighting in every way to save animals and plants and people.
Our world is flooded with plastic. In the next few years, your children will not be bathing in a sea of ​​salt water but in a sea of ​​plastic objects.
Greenpeace is a global network of independent campaigning organizations that use peaceful protest and creative communication to expose global environmental problems and promote solutions that are essential to a green and peaceful future.

The Rainbow Warrior, Greenpeace International’s flagship boat known for its crusade against the destruction of environment, is being revived to an all new form. The custom-built sailboat is set to sail in September 2011. Once on the sea, it will fight against illegal shipments of timber, unlawful fishing operations, gather evidence that can be used for prosecution and stop the activities altogether.

Unlike its predecessors, Rainbow Warrior I and Rainbow Warrior II which were acquired and remodeled, Rainbow Warrior III will be constructed from scratch by Greenpeace.

Educate your children, grandchildren, friends to always collect plastic and clean the garbage in meadows, beaches and woods. Educate them to save Nature so that we can all do it together.
Use only paper or wooden products for your pic nic and parties.
Plastic pollution is one of the most serious environmental conditions of our times and it is not only the growing amount of plastic that ends up in the sea that is worrying, but also the link between plastic production and climate change. Plastic on the other hand comes from sources such as oil and the environmental impacts related to its production and disposal are significant: the production and incineration of plastic waste will be responsible for a quantity of carbon dioxide emissions equal to that of 189 coal-fired power plants.


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