They tell us that to be really strong, to make sure that nothing can scratch us, we need to expose our weaknesses. Making our weaknesses into strengths, and I find it right. But, what I'm really wondering is whether it's always the best choice.

From my point of view, the world is divided into two large groups, those who, despite the fact that they can sink the blade into your wounds, decide not to, and those who take pleasure in raging. I have to deal with this second category of people every day of my life, how do I survive? Well, I tried to show my wounds as scars of war, a war inside me that I fight every day, and it destroyed me, annihilated me. Carthago delenda east.

But once we let our guard down, we take off our armor, how difficult it is to put it on again, how much effort it costs to be able to tighten all the straps, lower the visor and take up a sword, like a crusader fighting for the Church, of which we are the divinity. Instead we would just like to lie on the arid earth, among the dust raised by the wind and know that the war is over, that the wounds will close and that no more blood will be shed.

And while the body tries to stay still while conserving energy, the mind anxiously tries to find an escape route from the enemy fire that constantly besieges us, a quick escape route, a place to go that is not necessarily physical, rather dreamlike. I don't know where to go, where to take refuge when I can't find escape routes.

When the castle is now under siege, where does the King flee? The King escapes into the dungeons, and from there he arrives in a safe place where they take him away. So the dark dungeons become the ideal escape route for those who have lost a war. Only by going down to earth can one return to life, one can hope to start something again.

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