And so, as usual, the old toy, now useless, past, believed unable to surprise again, to entertain, is replaced again.
Not thrown away or left free to be the source of joy for anyone who wants.
Left the corner.
A little out of affection, because after all they have been through a lot together, a little to have entertainment, however sincere in the event that the new toy breaks.
As already happened.
He watches and who knows what he's waiting for.
It was just laid there, the old man.
Think of the past years and the updates made, which in the end is not so obsolete, and strengthens itself.
He thinks that his only desire was to be the main source of joy.
Do you think that he would have been able, that he would have found the strength to become everything he needed.
Remember when it was like this.
He remembers when it was enough for him to look at him to make him smile.
He remembers when he was the one who had the place of honor in the bed, to bring affection and comfort in the dark of nights.
And he remembers the new little promises that were made to him, like the upcoming campground where it would take him.
Before the arrival of the new.
But not now.
Now it's in the corner.
Forced to watch the scene.
In silence.


We are all equal.
Here it is, the sentence of the century.
Do you really have this perception?
Do you feel you have the same level of consciousness as a "dragon"?
Do you feel that since we are descended from the same Source then we are all one?
They gave you a brain enema, you know.
And for a long time I participated as well.
But the truth is that on this plane there are many beings, some are terrestrial and some are not. You see their human features and season everything by mirroring your empathy on the other, but in reality they are wraps devoid of Spirit.
So no, we are not all the same. And until you understand this and see the differences between people and containers, 
you become entangled with various paraculates about the sense of "experience and gratitude".
 You end up thinking that those who would gladly make a mush of you behave like this because they had a traumatic childhood. 
Maybe they're bad, you tell yourself, but it's dad's fault.
I'm not saying open your heart, but at least get the hams out of your eyes.

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