No mom, I don't have a boyfriend, I would like to have one but I don't have one. And do you know why? I don't have an ideal boyfriend because I look at the sky, I look at the trees. I am very sensitive and I prefer the company of animals.
I toldyou now, I'm having a bad period. It's all so sad. I want to go away from here. 
But don't worry, now I know who I am. I let go of my dreams. I locked everything inside a chest, now I'm only a woman and not an artist. I have to let go more, not hide my fears and needs.
I'm not one of those who cook everything, I don't stay up at night to iron, I don't drink alcohol and I don't dye my nails. I am different from many other girls because I don't want elegant clothes.
I am for the loves of the fkowers, the boys who make love and not sex, I am for the kisses given spontaneously in a place that is natural, and not to a drunk boy, whom I will never see again, in the middle of a dance floor, just to the taste of being able to boast about it the next morning, I keep my story to myself. I don't want a relationship today, where to find out if you're together or not, just look at the status of a social network, because kisses don't matter anymore. I want a report from yesterday, made up of whispered letters and I love you, made up of moments that remain. I don't have a boyfriend mom, because I haven't found someone who wants what I want yet.


"Excuse me, how much does a croissant cost"?
I have breakfast at the station bar, waiting for the 6:00 train, when I hear a guy ask the bartender: 
"Excuse me, how much does a croissant cost"?
You hardly hear the price of the croissant or coffee at the bar. So I look at the boy and notice that it is as if he were doing the math. After a while he asks for a croissant. But nothing else.
He leaves the bar, I follow him, I notice that after a few meters he stops leaning against the station wall.
My train hadn't arrived yet, his regional was almost ready for departure.
I approach talking trivially about the weather, the wind ... and then ask him: 
"how was the croissant?" And he: “it wasn't bad. Why are you asking me? "
I use the utmost caution:
 “out of curiosity, I didn't like it that much. However, I haven't had coffee yet. Would you like to take it together? "
He looks at me curiously:
 “sure, thank you, he's very kind. But I only have 10 minutes. Then I absolutely have to take the train, today is my first day of work ”.
We go back into the bar and I say to him: 
"Look, don't you want a cappuccino"? 
Accept. We consume and immediately go back to the tracks. The boy stops, sad look, low voice: 
“I know he understood. And I thank you because you didn't make me weigh it. Today I start working, and it is not the job I expected. But I can no longer weigh on my family. Because my parents can't take it anymore. I always have a few coins in my pocket, but now at the end of the month I will finally be able to take something home too ''. Thanks again for the cappuccino and above all for the grace. These are not things to be taken for granted ”.
 He runs to catch his train. Mine arrives almost immediately.
I leave with a sense of sadness, imagining how many people every day cannot afford even a cappuccino at the bar. But when this happens to a boy, sadness turns to anguish. It's not right.


So far away from us, in Antarctica, lived a colony of seals and one of penguins.
They lived close together, but they had no relations with each other: the young penguins all played together, and so did the seals, but never mingling with each other.
One day the seals decided to go for a swim, and shortly afterwards the penguins also dived into the water with a thousand splashes, from their iceberg.
At one point a shadow appeared from the deep sea, threatening and fast.
It got closer and closer, and the terrified animals fled in all directions.
Only a small seal could not escape, wedged somewhere in the thick seaweed.
The fochina asked for help, but no one heard it in that general stampede.
The sea monster was getting closer and closer, and everyone had already fled.
Only a little penguin, hearing the cry of the seal, stopped to help her.
He tried to pluck the algae with his beak, and one after the other he had torn off most of them.
But it wasn't over, and the sea monster was a stone's throw from them: a hungry whale, greedy for seals and penguins.
The whale had smelled the scent of those two cubs in the sea, and his mouth was already watering.
Finally even the last seaweed was uprooted, and the seal was free.
The whale had already opened its jaws when the seal yelled at the penguin to latch onto its tail.
He obeyed, and the seal launched into a mad and very fast race, escaping by a breath to the teeth of the hungry whale.
Seal and penguin darted away very quickly, chased by the increasingly angry monster, and slipped left and right, now high and now deep, while the orca closed its teeth in very dangerous jerks, always missing them.
Finally the two reached the iceberg from which they had started, and in an instant they climbed onto the ice floe.
The whale was left with a dry mouth!
The friends of the two animals were waiting for them very worried, and when they saw them they made a big round of applause: Onk! Onk! seals did, flapping their fins. My! My! My! the happy penguins shouted instead.
The little seal and the penguin embraced each other full of joy.
"Thanks for saving my life!" said the seal.
"Thanks to you: I would never have managed to escape from the orca at that speed" and from that moment they became inseparable.
Even today in that area of ​​Antarctica penguins and seals live together, and their cubs all play together, because they have understood that by joining their forces there is no enemy that can win them.


Once upon a time there was a child who lived in the forest in a small box with his mother and father. One day the boy, whose name was Alex, asked his parents if he could go outside to play. After some time Alex heard a noise behind the bushes, went to see what that noise was and saw a wolf cub playing with a piece of grass, Alex immediately fell in love with it. He took it and took it home. When the parents saw the wolf cub, they were frightened and said: "Alex, what is that?"
Alex replied: "It's a wolf pup I met in the forest."
The parents were surprised and asked: "My love, you can't keep a wolf in the house ..." Alex replied, "Why?"
"Because his mother will come looking for him and he won't be so happy that we took his son," replied his mother.
Alex said: "But, Mom, I've always wanted to have an animal to love ..."
The mother thought about it together with the father and together they said: "Okay, you can keep it, but only for a few days, until the cub is old enough to live alone". And the child cried out for joy.
After so many days the little wolf was starting to grow, the wolf was beginning to get attached to Alex and to protect him from dangers, but one day the parents said to their son: "Alex, you can't have the wolf in the house anymore".
Alex sadly said: "OK, but at least let me keep it just one more night ..."
The parents thought about it and said it was fine. Alex had packed a backpack and some food at night, and went off into the woods with the wolf.
The next morning the parents noticed that Alex had disappeared into the woods and immediately got dressed and started shouting: "ALEX, WHERE ARE YOU!"
But Alex was already too far away and couldn't hear his parents' screams until he saw a light in a cave; Alex went to see what that light was and saw a girl of about ten or eleven who was sick.
Alex asked her: “Who are you? Where are you from? What is your name?"
The little girl replied: "My name is Laura and I come from a very distant city".
Alex said, "How did you get here?"
Laura replied: "I was out for a walk and suddenly I saw that a bear was following me, so I started running and found myself here".
Suddenly Alex and Laura heard noises, they were scared, but it was only Alex's father and mother who were very scared, and asked: "Who are you?"
Alex replied, "She is a friend of mine who got trapped."
The sorry parents said: "Alex, if you want, you can keep your wolf." But at some point the wolf family came and they started cuddling each other.
Alex said, "Mom, I've made my decision: I want to leave my wolf with his family so they can live happily ever after." And then the wolf left with his family. The child returned home with his mother and father, Laura returned to her village and the wolf with his pack.


A girl was waiting for her flight in a waiting room of a large airport.
Since he would have to wait a long time, he decided to buy a book to kill time.
He also bought a packet of cookies.
She sat in the VIP room to be more quiet.
Next to her was the chair with the biscuits and on the other side a gentleman who was reading the newspaper.
When she began to take the first biscuit, the man also took one, she felt indignant but said nothing and continued reading her book.
Between her and her he thought "but look if only I had a little more courage I would have already punched him ...".
So every time she took a biscuit, the man next to her, without making the slightest nod, took one too.
They continued until there was only one biscuit left and the woman thought "ah, now I really want to see what he tells me when they are all finished !!"
The man before she took the last biscuit divided it in half!
"Ah, this is too much" I think and began to snort and indignantly took her things, the book and her bag and walked towards the exit of the waiting room.
When he felt a little better and the anger had passed, he sat in a chair along the corridor so as not to attract too much attention and avoid other sorrows.
He closed the book and opened the bag to put it in when…. when he opened the bag he saw that the packet of biscuits was still whole inside.
She felt so much ashamed and only then realized that the packet of biscuits like hers belonged to that man sitting next to her who had shared his biscuits with her without feeling indignant, nervous or superior unlike her who had snorted and even she felt a wound in her pride.


There was a girl who was a butterfly and suddenly she decided to become a caterpillar. And she didn't care that she no longer had wings and was just green. She no longer wanted to fly, she just wanted to stay on the ground, in the grass, lie down outside, not stay closed in the concrete of the house, she always wanted to look at the sky, not to see people anymore. And he remained a caterpillar for a long time and did not want to go back to being a butterfly. He said to himself, spider yes, maybe, but never butterfly again. But then he saw a strange bright green beetle. He asked who he was. And he didn't answer and went about his business. And she lay on the grass sleeping, and she didn't want to see anyone. But one day a strange music came with the wind. Was it a flute? Maybe a child was playing somewhere. And she followed that music and she saw a home, a family, everything she never had, not like that. And he listened to the flute and within himself something melted. A weight that he had held within himself. A stone he had had in his stomach for so many years melted. She was hungry. He returned home but found nothing. He went out into the garden and went into the garden. He saw the fruit trees loaded and began to eat and eat and he felt better. The fruit was good, so sweet. He would buy a flute and play.


Once upon a time there was a little girl who loved butterflies very much. She wore brightly colored clothes and, when she spoke, she moved her small arms with such lightness that they looked like vibrant wings in flight. His gait also brought with it that lightness that only butterflies naturally possess. And like butterflies he loved flowers and took great care of them.
With his mother in spring he planted bulbs and seeds and waited patiently. His little brother, still small, watched amused.
He had become her little messy little helper! At the first warmth, a leaf appears, a slender cuff, the first flower, then many others, all beautiful in their shapes and shades of their colors. Soon many beautiful butterflies would also arrive!
And the little girl was delighted and remained enchanted for hours watching that spectacle of lightness, colors and perfumes. Sometimes it happened that a butterfly would rest on her hand and the little girl was almost breathless with emotion. It remained motionless to enjoy the beauty of those colored wings and the tickle of those curious paws.
One day his little brother got a bad flu and had to stay in bed for several days. The little girl was very sorry to see her little brother suffering and sad. Then he thought of a surprise that could brighten his days. It immediately occurred to her to prepare a short story about flowers and butterflies. While his little brother was dozing, he wrote a very sweet story and prepared a merry-go-round made with wood twigs tied together, to which he hung colorful butterflies made with tufts of his mother's carded wool. When the little brother opened his eyes after his afternoon nap, the baby was there, ready, next to him. She smiled at him and started reading his story. The little brother listened raptly, in silence, with sparkling eyes.
Eventually the little girl took the mobile and showed it to her little brother. Quick as a flash he took it with his little hands and began to play with it, moving the sticks to make all those beautiful butterflies flutter.
Soon the little brother was back to health and that mobile became the best


And he sees that that light comes from a doll, all broken, with the heart made of a light bulb .. and the puppet thinks, she will be my wife .. but when the doll approaches, her heart of wax melts.
How am I going to love you now that I no longer have a heart, the doll holds the heart in her arms .. and detaches the light bulb from her chest and says "if you love me one heart will be enough for both of us".


A little bird was about to freeze to death in the snow. It was freezing cold. He was almost done for. On his way a cow. He sees him, approaches, turns and poops on him. How disgusting you will say. the little bird.
Moral of the story: Not all the shit thrown at you is bad Sometimes it helps to save your life or ... To open your eyes!


I am not a person who shows his emotions. Rather I stay in a corner and try to hide as much as possible. And I don't want questions, or reproachful looks. I don't want anyone to see me and think that maybe I need more affection, a shoulder to cry on, an outlet. My depression has nothing to do with any of this. Anyway, hello doctor. I read your name among the papers of my adoption: unfortunately a bit complex name and I can't remember it. At 18, I asked my adoptive parents for all the papers, you know? I already had curiosity when I was thirteen but in those days I was doing too much trouble and my mother thought that overnight I would run away from home or find me hanged somewhere. He said that Satan was in me. She also wanted to take me to an exorcist, and most of the time I would send her to fuck or scream a curse, then I invented the excuse that the devil had possessed me. I had a great time.
When I had the adoption papers in my hand, I photocopied them all and searched the internet. Doctor, let's say that somehow you disappeared too because bho I couldn't find you. Then there was that fucking newspaper article, written in a language unknown to me, I remember reading my presumed name, maybe the name you decided to give me, you have a lot of creativity, you know. There was my name and yours, I just didn't understand everything else and there was an image of a little girl who looked just like me when I was about 9 years old. I wanted to track you down to thank you, for taking me off the street and taking me with you. Maybe it's also thanks to you that I got this thing of having to save and help people. When I tell about this part of my life, people are always sorry. And it may seem really sad, but every time I talk about it I always think of you doctor. You gave me a fresh start, I love being here, but I miss my mum and my dad too. I regret only this of my life. I would like to know if you know anything, if you have actually ever known them, if at least you can describe their eyes, their scent, their voice. Did you have this luck, doctor? You know which of the two I look the most like. I want to know if my mom remembers me, I want to know if she still loves me, because I have never stopped loving her and thinking about her, even if I don't remember her, even if I have suffered all my life for the emptiness she has left inside me. Tell me if she came looking for me somewhere. If she ran to your hospital to find out where I was. Tell me she got angry, that she really never wanted me to grow up on my own. I still feel I belong to that world and I hope to return soon, in that same street maybe where you found me, doctor. To be aware that it all started from there and to be able to live it peacefully, without tears. The thing I want most would be to see them from afar, perhaps holding hands and kissing in the streets of the market. I wish it were so. I couldn't tell her about my life, it was an obstacle course. Doctor, tell my parents I'm fine. Tell him that even if I haven't reached any milestones in my life for now, I will get to have more money, to do something I enjoy. Tell them I miss them so much.

Love, the little girl you picked up from the street.

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