It is a small discomfort that comes when you realize that the world is not quite what we imagined as children. The world is false, mean, selfish, too big perhaps. You have to have the guts to get up in the morning and face it. Too many bad people, too many strangers ready to criticize you, too many people who pretend to know you and don't know you at all, but above all too many friends who stab in the back and few sincere people around. We must have courage to chase a dream with the fear that those who have more "chance" than us will steal it from us; and by possibility we mean neither mental nor physical, nor anything that has a positive meaning. It takes courage to just live in this world. With these people. There are few things that allow us to stay alive, to move, walk, dream .. and perhaps the very meaning of life is not so much to be fulfilled, as to find a stimulus every day to face the world .. and it is already a lot .

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