Someone will tell you: "It went like this."
No, we wanted it to be like this.
And regarding that strange theory of what you want and never is, I really heard my deep requests speak for once. The wounds close, it takes a while but they close. Those of the skin all close. Those of the mind, on the other hand, reopen at will when you least expect it. 
Pursued and pursuers have the same fears, they run away from themselves and chase themselves. To flee always in the long run short of breath and to wait too long you end up getting tired of what you expect. Then there is a moment of distraction in which we both stop and we absurdly realize that we are already too far away, far too far away, really too much now to recognize each other.
I have never had the nature of someone who chases. I have always let go of those who did not want to stay. I distance myself from those who have always been away. It seems to me such a foolish tactic to try to walk away to see who is behind it. 
I prefer those who stay to see if I am staying too and I am serious. Those who say they love us should be tested in this way. But I was able to wait from afar, to wait even for what never arrived. Today, however, I no longer want to wait for anyone, I want someone to wait for me. Someone I will not disappoint, because when he wants me I will already be there. And I also put away all that great fear of losing people. 
Over time I have learned to believe in a pinch of fate. It is not necessary to hold on tight, just take care of the essential and the essential is simply what we are not willing to lose.

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