Nature is not good or bad, Nature is not bad. I believe that Nature in her being is ALL beautiful and perfect. Every aspect of nature should be well appreciated, every element that constitutes it, whether it is an animated element or not. From the small insect that lives its life by surviving, to the majestic and imposing centenary tree. In the same way, even the little caterpillar walking on branches is already beautiful in itself, and it is beautiful already as it is. Why, both through the media and without, do we teach our children that caterpillars are ugly and useless and necessarily need to become butterflies to have beauty and value and count for something in the animal kingdom? A caterpillar that becomes a butterfly is certainly a noteworthy scientific advance, a development of the animal that in this way accesses new functions and abilities. But this does not mean that before this “transformation” that little animal is something useless and unpleasant to the eye. Each of us in our own way is unique, special, beautiful, precisely because we are all different and we do different things; it is right that we can always improve but we all have a starting point that already implies that we are important, that we count for something in this society.
Each of us has our problems, even those people who seem perfect, always happy and smiling, they too have problems and maybe they are even quite serious. The thing that makes the difference is the way we face our problems, especially the time it takes us to understand that we are strong enough to break down every obstacle, every limit, every brake. Each of us has a different reaction when difficulties and obstacles arise. Each of us deals with them differently. Who gets scared and takes refuge in its borders, giving voice to its limits! Who without fear, grabs his courage and fights. But there are those even when faced with the difficulties of life; he annihilates himself and becomes a difficulty and a component that causes pain, tears and loneliness. But the best thing to do is to go upstream, whatever the difficulties of its impetus, because if you do not face life as it comes and do not try to improve it and make it taste better, life will never be able to prove its worth. best part.
Life is made up of encounters, the important thing is to live them, take risks. Don’t waste opportunities, because they don’t come back. Living, knowing, loving. Time does not go back, it is not returned to us. You have to live. And a bit of madness must not be missing, you must risk it. Maybe you will meet a special person, the one I call the right person. Certain affinities have no logic, in a moment a bridge is created, between two souls and without asking questions we find ourselves walking together the avenue of friendship. But it only happens with special people. Special is the one who takes you by the hand and, although every day you give him a thousand reasons to leave it, every day he squeezes it a little tighter.
She and I met as children, two people when they have the same heart they recognize each other the same broken heart, I mean. I don’t know if certain encounters are destined, I know that without that encounter I wouldn’t be me. Some days he made me laugh when I just wanted to cry, some days he told me that crying is useful because the pain has to come out, that if you keep it inside you drown. Some days it saved my life. Some days we fought a lot, to the point of thinking we hated each other, but we would have done everything for each other even in those days. Some days we hugged each other tightly when we had nothing. Some days we talked about love, about the monsters that don’t let us sleep, about the panic that begins and doesn’t know how to end. Some days we were a song. Some days I have never thanked her enough. She and I met as kids, and we’re growing up together.

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