I perceive the wind before it arrives and the atmospheric pressure,
I smell the air, the earth, I smell often and I also feel when the air is charged with energy before the storm.
When I move in a certain way I can feel the presence of another being like me thousands of miles away from me.
They are very strange sensations.
I can also see the faces of many felines with my eyes closed, which I don’t know who they are.
I didn’t know you could be a therian. I had never read this term before.
However, I always felt inside my mind a primordial part of me very much linked to Nature and the animal instinct.
Men make me feel bad.
Those who love me are always angry with me. They are always angry.
I feel my heart hurt. I feel very disappointed.
Anger is always present. We are the ones who at night spread powerful energy towards the heart of the Earth, towards the hearts of the people, towards the suffering world.
We don’t sleep, but we don’t play, we vibrate to send our vibrations to this planet.

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