Nomad the beauty of a storm.
Sandy wind rose,
persuasive whirlpools,
frantic wanderers of the Dharma,
they put themselves in the shade
to avoid sound deceptions.
Here it comes, the heart thunder,
shakes every vein,
like a heart attack in the sky.
The power of awakening,
rising from one's grave, existential,
stand up again,
to live another day,
to be immortal. The heart does not know the veil of reason,
it goes like a train,
against every sandstorm,
embracing every grain,
opening a new dimension and handling sound like a weapon against ferocious old age.
Here comes the thunder, raise your voice,
says "don't give up" and starts flying with lightning,
and both create a universal energy field.


Nomade la bellezza di una tempesta.
Sabbiosa rosa dei venti,
suadenti vortici,
affanosi vagabondi del Dharma,
si mettono all’ombra
per evitare inganni del suono.
Ecco arriva, il tuono cardiaco,
squassa ogni vena,
come un infarto di cielo.
La forza del risveglio,
l’alzarsi dalla propria tomba, esistenziale,
ergersi di nuovo,
per vivere un altro giorno,
da essere immortale. Il cuore non conosce il velo della ragione,
esso va come un treno,
contro ogni tempesta di sabbia,
abbracciando ogni granello,
aprendo una nuova dimensione e maneggiando il suono come un’arma contro la vecchiaia feroce.
Ecco il tuono, alza la voce,
dice ” non rinunciare” e si mette a volare col fulmine,
e tutt’e due creano un campo d’energia universale.


Linked to someone,
capable of healing and improving,
get worse,
cough, sleep.
Sleeping together in the sun.
Sleeping between the white curtains.
It rains when I look out,
it rains when I look inside.
The roof of my house is struggling to withstand the storm, 
one day I will fly away too, along with the pieces of the ceiling.
Like a colorful kite, or perhaps all black, 
like thunder, 
far away, among the snow-capped peaks.
A white drop behind a black sky.


I remember when I clung to pain as if it were the only way out or maybe the only thing I was able to feel to feel something my life has always been as if I was suspended on a thread with shortness of breath and the anxiety of falling and collapsing sinking into that abyss of me the terror of not being able to go back up of not being able to feel anything but anger e hatred of myself that kept me in a cage and the outside world was nothing but a reflection, a distant mirage of all that I could not achieve I’ve always wondered why I run and never reach what I really dream of? because I run fast but the others are able to overtake me in all circumstances? I’ve always been left behind because, too sensitive I feel it all too much and it overwhelms me breaks my heart in two and I stand there in silence in a pool of my own tears I also understand that my biggest limitation is a dark part inside me that makes me see the world black and devoid of possibilities even if yes, I know that’s how it is, largely. but not life, life always has something to offer you even in the darkest of times you can find light in the smallest and most banal things that pass before your eyes every day but you don’t have to you never have to turn away you have to stop and observe, appreciate, be grateful and love even the smallest blade of grass that you step on without thinking about it we are all fragile but the strength is in the brave heart who decides to exist consciously another day get up in the morning and know you are worth because it has no malice hate envy or resentment that is able to prove. and just breathe again so day after day to live.

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