Sometimes I stop to think … I find myself lying on the mattress staring at the ceiling and reflect. I think a lot, maybe too much, and we know that too much is good, unfortunately it’s part of me and I just can’t avoid it, it’s as if it were an unconditional reflection. I think back to everything, everyone, I think back to everything that made me feel good but also to everything that made me suffer. Today I went to bed with tears in my eyes and a weight on my chest and I think it’s one of the most unpleasant sensations in the world, you know? When you just want to sleep and switch off your brain, but you get so sick that you just mull over what doesn’t work. I interpret it as psychological torture: to suffer for something, and to feel even more hurt after thinking about it intensely for hours. What an unpleasant feeling of oppression. Oppressed by their own feelings, rather than by people. It is strange to think how something apparently abstract, such as emotions, can alienate you from the totality of the world for an indefinite period of time. It’s almost scary to think we’re so vulnerable, but it’s part of life after all … If it were too simple, it probably wouldn’t be worth it.



She is Daniela Carrasco, 
'la Mimo', a 36-year-old 
Chilean street artist.
A few hours after being 
stopped by the military, 
Mimo was found hanging
 from a fence and displayed 
in a municipality in the 
metropolitan city of Santiago
 del Chile. Tortured to death.
The compaƱeras of the feminist
 collectives claim it was a 
warning to intimidate those, 
especially women, 
who are participating
 in the mobilizations of these 
days in Chile.

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