LE PETITE NOIRE winner of the 2015 edition of Drag Factor Italia, drag of the Love Giam evening and protagonist of the NYX Face Awards. She is a beauty queen of the capital, known in particular for her original and glamorous looks.
The term Drag Queen refers to all those men, usually singers or actors, who perform in public wearing women’s clothes, make-up and wigs. It is usually thought that most men who make this kind of choice are gay, but in reality, this is not the case at all: many Drag Queens, in fact, are married and have families and, simply, find it fun to step into the shoes of a woman. woman for the purpose of a singing show or a play.
Transsexuals who have undergone a sex change and transvestites are excluded from the Drag Queen category; the former are excluded because they are not men in all respects while, the latter, because they dress up as women every day and not only sporadically. The fact that not all men who dress up are Drag Queens is one to keep in mind as it marks the stark difference between Trans and Drag. Women who love to dress up as men are also Drag but, instead of being called Queen, they are called Drag King.
However, there is a huge difference between drag queens and cross-dressers: that of drag queens is in fact an art, not exclusively the preserve of homosexual men, nor of men.
The drag king phenomenon was born, almost parallel to that of drag queens, at the end of the 19th century, and the most famous drag king woman was undoubtedly Vesta Tilley, considered a true forerunner of the genre. To succeed in the “enterprise”, for example, drag kings resort to bending, or bandages to flatten the breasts, to contouring to emphasize some facial features, or to packing, which precisely confers the “package”.


I love myself as I am.
With strengths and weaknesses.
Black days and rainbows.
Paranoia and insecurities.
Crooked moons and bipolarity.
Logorrheic and despotic.
Break boxes and always on his.
But above all, always myself.
She was no ordinary woman, one with a nice pair of legs, a nice breast, a nice butt or a particular face, I don’t even know if she was really aesthetically beautiful. She had the wrinkles of her years, of her experiences, an angular character, she was complex, almost shy, twisted … Yet she was so beautiful in her doing, in her love, in her infinite being. In everything he did you found hidden all his charm, he had on him the wild scent of freedom, dreams, concreteness, passion. She was not perfect, on the contrary she was moody, at times unpleasant and yet, in every defect, in every excess there was the essence of her being “perfect” because “bastardly sincere”. No, she was definitely not an ordinary woman, her heart extended towards infinity, infinite as the sea is, as the universe is and as deep as the ocean. Yes, he had all the wrinkles of his years, that stubborn, almost unshakable character, he didn’t mince words, often beaten down but never defeated. It was enough for itself, it made sure it was enough. Life had “given” her a lot of tears, but she went on finding a way to dry them by herself. Yes, she was a woman, complicated … a tangle of woman. Call her beautiful? Yes, beautiful, complex and mysterious She had to be stripped from the inside, taken and dragged without asking too many questions, because too many questions would not be answered in words. She had a head, heart and soul and she wasn’t a nice pair of legs, a nice breast. Although she was “nothing special” … she was extraordinary with those who entered her heart and put her heart, strength and passion into everything she did.
I have a difficult character. Too proud, perhaps too moody. I hardly feel anything and if someone goes away I go away too without asking for explanations. I could not bear the idea of ​​submitting myself or depending on someone, first of all there is me. I’ve lost so many people and I’ve earned a reputation for being heartless, but I feel my heart … at night when I’m alone and it’s the saddest sound I’ve ever heard. But I hide it. I hide my emptiness, my good side, my desire to love. I am myself only when I want and above all with whom I want!

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